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17 May '23

How to deliver cost savings through business automation

Automation remains a hot topic in business, particularly as AI-driven tools gain greater efficiency and the ability to reduce some of the heavy lifting in everyday tasks. For companies looking to optimise the way they operate and realise cost savings, automating key systems and processes can transform a business and its supply chain.


2 May '23

How to get your customers to pay before the due date

Understanding how to get your customers to pay faster can help you boost and gain greater control over your cash flow.


26 Apr '23

How to make cash flow your tool for success

Inflation, rising interest rates and geopolitical uncertainty remain key threats to businesses as recent global events, such as the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the emergency buyout of Credit Suisse by UBS, indicate that decades of relaxed monetary policy and poor risk management have left some companies over-exposed and over-leveraged.

Adrian Floate

19 Apr '23

Why payment efficiency is crucial for the survival of your franchise network

As a Franchisor you implement many systems and processes that to help your franchisees run their businesses smoothly.


11 Apr '23

How to strengthen your accounts receivable management process

Cash flow is critical no matter what stage of business you are in, but especially in a tough economic environment.


28 Mar '23

Key takeaways from the 2023 Accounting Business Expo

Physical trade shows are well and truly back! After a long two-year hiatus, we attended our first event since the pandemic, the Accounting Business Expo in Melbourne.


20 Mar '23

How to win at eCommerce in 2023

The popularity of eCommerce has exploded over the last three years, with the option to order almost anything online proving popular for retail and wholesale customers. In Australia alone, eCommerce sales were worth $62 billion in 2022, up 8.9 per cent from 2021.


16 Mar '23

SMEs should leave the big banks behind to get ahead

With product supply issues, interest rates rising and the likelihood of a recession growing, SMEs need to proactively secure finance facilities. And they can’t rely on the big banks to help them.

Adrian Floate

20 Feb '23

Why investing in new tech can give your franchise business a competitive edge

According to Bloomberg’s December 2022 survey of economists, the likelihood of a recession in 2023 stands at 70 per cent.


1 Feb '23

How to de-risk your supply chain and optimise the credit- to-cash process

Many companies benefited from a decade of low-interest rates and the fiscal policy measures put in place to minimise the impacts of COVID-19. However, these measures eventually had to taper.

Adrian Floate

20 Dec '22

Spenda 2022: A year in review

As another year comes to an end, we want to reflect on the past 12 months to highlight some of the great achievements our team has delivered. From a rebrand to the launch of a suite of game changing software solutions, we’re taking you with us on a trip down memory lane.

Ola Polczynski

14 Dec '22

Spenda in the Spotlight: Getting to know our Chief Product Officer, Dave Wood

With over 20 years’ experience in Software and Systems Design, Dave has been the visionary behind Spenda’s suite of products since 2008.

Ola Polczynski

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