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Warehouse Management

Access accurate data and better manage inventory while strengthening your cash flow.


A complete and integrated eCommerce solution designed for all business types.

Get smarter with stock management and gain visibility across multiple warehouses in real-time.

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Key features


Smarter stock management

Our warehouse management solution accurately lists your inventory, stock numbers and pricing across all locations in real-time. We also help you take the guess and grunt work out of calculating your margins. Simply enter a margin or markup value and our software will accurately and automatically calculate the sale price.


Manage multiple warehouses

Quickly manage inventory levels and transfers across multiple locations with just your iPad. Whether you’re moving stock between warehouses and stores, enjoy the ease of quick and efficient inventory transfers and requisitions.


Low inventory notifications

With our purchasing tool enabled, you’ll get low stock notifications when your predetermined minimum stock levels are reached. We’ll also send you suggestions on what needs restocking so you always have the right stock on hand. This also helps to increase your working capital as it reduces the amount of money tied up in unsold stock.


Accurate data in real-time

Because this application is fully integrated with our POS and eCommerce solutions, stock levels will be automatically amended after a sale or refund to ensure you always know what is available and never miss a sale. Enjoy the added benefits of performing stock takes or rolling stock takes and making stock adjustments all in one place.

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