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Accounts Payable Automation

Effortlessly manage your supplier payments and drive stronger cash flow management.
Make invoice payments easier and faster

Transform the way you handle unpaid invoices and make secure payments from one convenient dashboard.

Optimise efficiency

Streamline your accounts payable payment process with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to process invoices in bulk.


Access more payment options

Benefit from a wide range of flexible payment options, and choose how and when you pay.


Reduce errors and fraud

Lower the likelihood of human data-entry errors and remove duplicated payments. Increase the accuracy and security of transactions.


Better cash flow visibility

Benefit from one single source of data truth and align and your cash inflows and outflows.

Pay multiple
suppliers in one place

Conveniently view and pay connected suppliers from one easy-to-use dashboard. Track, group and batch-pay outstanding invoices with an ABA file, or direct integration to your accounting software, and, at a glance, gain visibility on your outgoing payments. Pay on time and take advantage of early settlement discounts from suppliers.

Invoice payments, simplified
Have more flexibility in how and when you make payments with access to a variety of payment options, including split payments and the ability to pay via card, even if your supplier doesn’t accept card payments. Take advantage of extended payment terms and credit card reward point programs.*
*Subject to the terms offered by your credit card provider.
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Improve payment accuracy and speed
Reduce the likelihood of data-entry errors, remove duplicated payments and secure your business against fraudulent transactions. Use Spenda Wallet to easily edit and refine batch invoices, and securely authorise and approve payments on the go.
Work smarter, not harder
Enjoy improved visibility of your cash flow by knowing exactly when payments will be made. By prioritising or scheduling your payments, you can ensure your suppliers are always paid on time.

Quick financial integration

Our software and payment services can easily plug into the following applications to deliver smooth transactions, help you reduce manual data entry, and provide your business with one centralised source of digital truth.

Looking for a customisable payment solution? Check out our suite of interactive API documentation.

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