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Spenda has a variety of referral programs suited to a range of partners including, accounting firms, brokers, and software solution providers.

There is no technical or sales experience needed to become a referral partner, simply make and introduction and our experts will do the rest.


Why partner with Spenda?

Spenda is an integrated business platform that offers a wide range of SaaS, payment and lending capabilities, and is applicable to any business that needs to make or receive a payment. As a referral partner you will work closely with Spenda to identify and recommend solutions to your clients.
More opportunities to earn
You could be eligible for a one off referral fee for customers that sign up with Spenda, in addition to earning commissions from both payments and lending revenue.
Broad attraction and application
Spenda offers diverse products for businesses to send or receive payments across various sectors, from SMEs to large corporations.
Long-term collaboration
Spenda provides an infrastructure-based solution designed to solve common businesses problems, often leading to lasting partnerships.
Our success is your success
Our solutions help businesses drive growth and streamline operations. Referring Spenda not only helps your customers unlock efficiencies but also lets you earn along the way.

How it works

Our goal is to help businesses get paid on time by bringing greater flexibility and visibility to how invoices are shared and paid. As a referral partner you will work closely with Spenda to identify and recommend solutions to your clients.
Identify the problem
Your client is frustrated with their invoice management and poor cash flow.
Make the referral
You introduce your customer to us.
We make the sale
We reach out to your customer and offer a solution fit for their particular business needs.
You get a cut
Receive a generous referral fee when your customer signs up and starts processing payments with Spenda.
Join our partner program today