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Spenda works with a wide range of professional referral partners looking to help their clients boost cash flow and get faster access to working capital solutions.
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How it works

Our goal is to help businesses get paid on time by bringing greater flexibility and visibility to how invoices are shared and paid. As a referral partner you will work closely with Spenda to identify and recommend solutions to your clients.
Identify the problem
Your client is frustrated with their invoice management and poor cash flow.
Make the referral
You introduce your customer to us.
We make the sale
We reach out to your customer and offer a solution fit for their particular business needs.
You get a cut
You receive a referral fee when your customer signs up and starts processing payments with Spenda.

Why partner with Spenda?

We will offer your customers a technology-driven supply chain management solution that’s designed to accept payments, unlock working capital and improve cash flow.​

Integrated payments
Use our innovative payment technology to offer customers more flexibility in how and when they pay.
On-demand lending
Access to a range of on-demand lending solutions to unlock cash flow and optimise working capital.
Smarter invoice management
Simplify the way you handle and pay invoices and boost cash flow with our e-invoicing technology.
High level data security
We adhere to strict Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks, laws and regulations.
Developer-friendly API
Manage, adapt and customise your payments with our easy integration and developer-friendly tools.
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