About Us

About Us

Spenda is a business solution designed by business people, not tech-heads.

Sure we have a whole hive of incredible super-nerds writing code and making things work, but the functionality, the purpose behind what we do is designed by people like you.

This means we get it. We get the frustration of entering invoices into three different systems, we know how annoying it is when you have to pull out a calculator to work out your markup or when you have to chase up payment from a customer again and again.

We get it because we have lived it. Most of our staff have a retail/service backgrounds and our founder ran a successful retail operation for seven years before making the shift to serve businesses and help eliminate the pain points he witnessed first hand.

We know that running a successful business is your top priority and we exist 100% to help you achieve that vision.

We want to free you from dated and siloed systems and help your business embrace a new generation of technology that just works. You won’t need a degree to understand our systems. Everything is designed to be intuitive so you can simply pick it up and start using it.

We offer one platform that seamlessly integrates data in real-time across your POS, inventory and warehousing, sales teams and mobile techs while automatically updating your financials. Need help migrating your existing data onto Spenda? We can do that too.

Welcome to Spenda. Welcome to your business of tomorrow.