I’m a Retailer

Spenda connects your POS, procurement, warehousing, and inventory in real-time with your financial system so at a glance you always know how your business is tracking.

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I’m a Wholesaler or Supplier

You can run your whole business with Spenda using our software as a complete stand-alone ERP system or integrating it into your existing business software.

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Change your system.
Not your vision.

We’re on a mission to fundamentally and permanently change the way people do business by delivering digital tools that enable data sharing and collaboration without paper, transcription or human error. 

With Spenda you can focus on what really matters while we keep your business processes running smoothly.

Simple but Powerful

Our easy to set up and use POS system is built to get your staff up and running quickly so your business doesn't miss a beat.

Multi-User Settings

Manage employee access and control what your staff can see and edit with distinct user settings.

Digital Purchasing

Order online through supplier catalogues, collaborate with suppliers in real-time and replenish stock with one click.

Business Analytics

Get a better insight into your operations so you can make better business decisions.

Customer Management Tools

View customer history, reward prompt payers and collect unpaid debt while making a sale.

Mobile POS

Say goodbye to legacy POS systems and serve customers at the counter or on-the-go with our mobile iPad POS system.

Remove Ordering Errors

Never re-key an order again. Receive digital orders from your customers that integrate with your ERP system and your customers accounting system.

Share your Catalogue

Offer your customers a first class ordering experience with a dedicated online marketplace for your products with specific pricing for different customer classes.

Field and Inside Sales

Include inside sales and field sales teams as collaborators in the sales process, work on orders in real-time and make recommendations during the buying process.

Returns Management

Customer generated claims can be easily reviewed by your team. Once approved Spenda will generate and post a Credit Note to your financial system.

Integration & Inventory Management

Sync your eCommerce front-end with the back-end logistics of your business to ensure stock availability and prompt delivery.

Get more Customers

Support your customers to generate orders on their iPads, phones or on the web so they can place orders on-the-go, at the shelf, in the coolroom or in the aisle of their warehouse.

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