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Key features


AML & KYC compliance

We adhere to strict Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks laws and regulations. Our customers must undertake AML/KYC procedures  when required to prevent people / business  from engaging in Financial Crime, including Money Laundering, Fraud, Terrorist Financing when using the Spenda services.


Two Step Authentication (2SA)

2SA is a method that confirms a user’s identity in two steps, through two different factors (2SA is also known as multi-factor authentication). We use your username and password you sign in with as the first means of identifying you, then a one-time-valid 6-digit passcode is sent to your mobile phone, to confirm it really is you. This makes it extremely difficult for unauthorised people to access your account and helps keep your data safe.


Extra testing

We cover all bases and use both internal and external security assurance of our systems to ensure all business transactions are securely created and stored. This testing approach gives us that extra level of protection so we can fix any vulnerabilities before they arise, and it ensures your data is kept safe and transactions remain compliant at all times.


Data security

We collect, store, retain, and delete personal information in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation to ensure that your personal details are always protected. We securely store your personal data and do not release any of your personal information without your consent.

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