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Security and Compliance

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Strict customer checks
We adhere to strict Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks, laws and regulations.
Protected access
We use Two Step Authentication to provide an extra layer of security and help keep your data safe.
360 degree testing
We cover all bases to ensure business transactions are securely created and stored.
Smarter systems
All your transaction information and data is managed and stored in accordance with localised privacy legislation.
AML & KYC compliance
Our customers must undertake AML/KYC procedures when required to prevent people and businesses from engaging in Financial Crime, including Money Laundering, Fraud and Terrorist Financing, when using Spenda’s services.
Two Step Authentication (2SA)
2SA is a method that confirms a user’s identity in two steps, through two different factors (2SA is also known as multi-factor authentication). We use the username and password you sign in with as the first means of identifying you, then a one-time-valid 6-digit passcode is sent to your mobile phone to confirm it really is you.
Secure and compliant payments
We conduct regular security assessments using internal and third-party assessors to identify and fix any vulnerabilities before they arise. This helps us to ensure your data is kept safe and transactions remain compliant at all times.
Better data security
We collect, store, retain, and delete personal information in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation to ensure that your personal details are always protected.
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