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Spenda: Driving more effective business outcomes

Ola Crouch
10 July - 3 min read

Business efficiency is a critical aspect of achieving success in today’s competitive landscape. Investing in technologies that promote business efficiency allows companies to operate smarter, make more informed decisions, and better adapt to changing market demands.

As a next generation integrated payment and lending platform, Spenda delivers bespoke supply chain solutions to any business who needs to make or receive a payment. We help businesses transform with fast, error-free digital efficiency and boost cash flow across the entire supply chain.

Using a combination of integrated software, payment, and lending services, Spenda displaces selfish software in favour of a truly collaborative platform that provides seamless connection and end-to-end data sharing for trading partners in any transaction – which means everyone involved is working off the same source of digital truth.

In addition to the cost-saving benefits derived from task automation across the order-to-payment cycle, Spenda exists to help businesses enhance existing processes, rather than competing with them, thereby elevating operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

The Spenda platform offers one connected solution that integrates all business processes that take place before, during and after the payment event.

Promoting collaborative partnerships for shared success

As a technology partner Spenda provides software that removes friction from business transactions. We work closely with businesses to build a solution that optimises your supply chain and provides a real-time view of cash movements, while offering cash flow relief to both your business and your customers business.

Seller benefits


Faster payments: Through our robust payment infrastructure, we facilitate a swift and seamless flow of funds, ensuring that businesses receive their payments quickly and efficiently, with the ability to be paid T+1.


Improved access to cash: We offer instant payment alternatives, granting businesses access to capital whenever needed. This improved liquidity empowers organisations to manage their finances more effectively and seize growth opportunities without delay.


Streamlined operations: Leveraging our innovative Accounts Receivable software platform, we enable businesses to optimise their internal processes. Automation of key tasks and workflows drives efficiency, saving valuable time and resources.

Buyer benefits


Improved payment flexibility: Spenda provides businesses with improved options for processing payments which promotes smoother transactions and accommodates various payment preferences of customers.


Quicker access to funding options: By offering access to extended payment terms and on-demand capital, we empower businesses to boost their cash flow as and when they need and maintain a healthy financial position.


Improved efficiency: With our Accounts Payable software solution, accounts payable teams can simplify the processing and payment of invoices, thereby reducing data entry errors, improving payment times, and boosting team productivity.

Through more effective invoice and payment management, businesses can track cash flow more effectively, which promotes smarter forecasting and strategic decision making, and improves their overall financial standing, sustainable growth, and resilience.

Connecting the pieces

As an industry agnostic software platform, Spenda will act as your systems integrator seamlessly connecting you with other service providers to enhance your solution. Our robust integration capabilities empower businesses to streamline processes, eliminating redundant data entry and automating information exchange.  

We have established a wide network of integration partners that facilitate seamless data transfer across various domains, including ecommerce, service management, accounting and ERP solutions. With these strategic partnerships in place, we ensure smooth interoperability and data synchronisation, meaning you can effortlessly stay in control of your finances.

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