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Spenda announces company rebrand

4 July - 2 min read

Media Release

Today, Spenda, a B2B payment and lending solutions provider, has announced a full company rebrand that represents and aligns the continued evolution and growth of the business.

The new logo takes on three different variations, to include:

Spenda's logo variations

What the logo represents:

Spenda is a connected business solution that facilitates the transfer of both operational and financial data between businesses as they buy and sell from each other. The arrows represent this transfer of data. The circle in the icon version of the logo is made up of the ‘p’ and ‘d’ from the word ‘Spenda’. It represents two different businesses coming together in a transaction.

View this connection in the video shown below:

As a business, we have significantly evolved our product offering over the last 12 months, and this change is a reflection on our journey and the solutions we can deliver to our customers.

The decision to rebrand Spenda enables us to better position ourselves to capitalise on the growth opportunities in this rapidly changing market.

Spenda’s Managing Director, Adrian Floate

The use of new brands is effective immediately and will be fully implemented across the business in the July-September 2022 quarter.

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