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Pay invoice by link

Get paid instantly with a unique payment link. It’s a smarter and more secure way to get paid.


A complete and integrated eCommerce solution designed for all business types.

Make it easy for customers to pay you in just a few clicks.


Once an invoice has been raised, the customer is sent an email with a unique, secure link for payment.


The customer clicks the link on their phone or computer, views the invoice and enters their preferred payment method, either credit card or bank account. These details are tokenised and saved to make future payments quick and easy.


Once the customer processes a payment, the business is informed and the payment is sent to their nominated bank account. A transaction is then automatically posted to their accounting system.

Click on the phone to the right and give it a go.

Click on the phone and give it a go.

Key features


Deliver effortless payments

Simplify how you accept payments and make it easy for customers to pay, correctly and on time. It’s easy – you send a link, they make the payment.


Save time and reduce errors

Speed up the payment process by collecting payments faster, while spending less time on admin. Reduce time chasing unpaid invoices and keep track of each payment request.


Secure payments

Accept payments with complete confidence. We offer a secure payment method that makes it easy for customers to quickly pay you, and removes the need to share sensitive payment information with a third party.


Grow your business faster

Streamline your sales process, reach more customers and make it easier to get paid quickly and securely. And by delivering more convenience in how your customers can make payment, you’ll increase your likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

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