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Invoice finance

Access your money quicker by borrowing up to 85% of your outstanding invoices balance.
Turn your invoices into cash flow, faster.
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What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice Financing allows your business to borrow money against outstanding invoices. This helps businesses cover the gap between paying suppliers and receiving customer payment, allowing them to stay on top of business expenses and invest in growth.

Spenda approves a facility limit allowing your business to instantly receive up to 85% of your unpaid approved invoices. When the invoice is paid by your customer, the loan is repaid and the remaining 15% is paid to you.
How it works
You supply goods or services
to your customer

You raise an invoice which is delivered to your customer by Spenda.

Spenda funds

Spenda advances up to 85% of the invoice value within 24 hours.

Your customer pays
the invoice

Customer pays via Spenda by EFT or Credit Card.

Spenda pays you
the balance

You receive the remaining 15% of the invoice value less fees.

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Unlock funds when you need it most
Get access to cash as soon as an invoice is raised. We will lend you up to 85% of your accounts receivable ledger. As your customers pay their invoices your loan is repaid. A simple and quick way to access your money faster.
Fund your business growth
Invoice Finance grows with your business and offers you the flexibility to access money whenever you need it. Your business benefits from a more predictable revenue stream, allowing you to take advantage of new investment opportunities that propels growth.
Funding that costs you less
With a Spenda solution you only pay interest on the money you have drawn. You can even save interest if the invoice is paid back early. You may also be approved for higher limits without any additional security.

To be eligible for this facility, you must:


Have been trading for 2 years


Turn over at least $1m a year


Use our Accounts Receivable product

Are you ready to get started?
Set up your Invoice Finance facility today.

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