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Integrated Payments

eInvoicing technology that integrates ledger-to-ledger, providing payment transparency between the buyer and the seller.

Modernise your payments process and get paid faster

With an integrated payment solution, your business can automate online payment acceptance with a secure payment gateway and real-time account reconciliation.​
Payment flexibility
Increase your chances of getting paid on time and give your customers more flexibility in how and when they pay.
Automate processes
Utilise smart and secure eInvoicing technology to turn receivables into cash, faster.
Accelerate growth
Optimise efficiency, improve data quality, reduce costs and accelerate team productivity.
Reduce fraud risk
We cover all bases to ensure business transactions are securely created and stored.
Reduces supply chain friction
Integrated payments provide greater payment flexibility for the customer which significantly improves the chances of the supplier being paid on time, while allowing the customer to align their payments with their cash flow.
Improves data accuracy
We support the electronic exchange of trading documents, otherwise known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which helps improve B2B communications. Automating business and payment systems reduces the risk of human error and improves reconciliation and reporting accuracy.
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Maintain your competitive advantage
By modernising your payment infrastructure you’ll be able to support and process higher payment volumes – quickly and securely – and get paid faster. This allows you to reduce costs in the long run, and become more effective and competitive.
Better data security
With strict AML and KYC compliance, Two Step Authentication and double security testing measures, you can process payments with complete confidence knowing all your transactions and data is safe.
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