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Integrated Payments

e-Invoicing technology that integrates ledger-to-ledger, providing visibility between the buyer and the seller.


A complete and integrated eCommerce solution designed for all business types.

Automate your online payment acceptance with a secure payment gateway and real-time account reconciliation.

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Key benefits


Reduces supply chain friction

Integrated payments provide greater payment flexibility for the customer which significantly improves the chances of the supplier being paid on time, while allowing the customer to align their payments with their cash flow.


Improves data accuracy

We support the electronic exchange of trading documents, otherwise known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which helps improve B2B communications. Automating business and payment systems reduces the risk of human error and improves reconciliation and reporting accuracy.


Lowers business costs

Your team no longer has to waste hours manually tracking, reporting and reconciling payments. Everything is updated automatically which reduces the risk of human errors and reduces business expenses.


Better cash flow forecasting

Offer your customers a smarter e-Invoicing platform that enables them to settle multiple invoices in one transaction. Group and batch-pay invoices, enable post-pay options and enjoy automatic accounts reconciliation for both parties.


Reduces fraud risk

Security is at the forefront of how we build our software. With strict AML and KYC compliance, Two Step Authentication and double security testing measures, you can process payments with complete confidence knowing all your transactions and data is safe.


Scale your business faster

By modernising your payment infrastructure you’ll be able to support and process higher payment volumes –  quickly and securely – and get paid in real-time, allowing you to reduce costs in the long run, and become more effective and competitive.

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