Happy (Nearly) Valentines Day!

For all retail, supplier or wholesale businesses, there are plenty of ways you can take advantage of the days prior to and including V-Day. 

No, you don’t have to be a florist or chocolate store to spike sales.

We’re not saying you play Michael Buble songs in your store, or turn it into the set of Bold & The Beautiful by subtly turning on a smoke machine (any machine can be a smoke machine if you operate it badly enough, we view the glass half full here at Spenda). 

The five-frisky tips below however, are the most common ways businesses have improved sales along with customer and staff experiences leading up to Valentines Day.


Valentines day tips for retailers, wholesalers & suppliers


1)   Create Valentines Day Promotions

  • It’s one of the biggest sales opportunities for your customers other than Black Friday and Christmas. BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) offers, percentage-off sales or even temporary free shipping works well to garner attention. 


2)   Make A Frisky V-Day Section Online/In-Store

  • If you have inventory associated with V-Day, place them all in the same location. Your customers prefer gifts if they are grouped. While this V-Day set up below at Woolworths looks like something your stalker-ex would create for you, it lures in customers.

3)   Spoil Your Employees On V-Day

  • Probably the most important tip. While V-Day is great for couples, a lot of single-pringles out there hate it and that could include your employees or business associates. Show them your appreciation with simple gifts and they’ll pass on the spirit to customers.


4)   Be Romantic But Authentic 

  • Your business is unique and might not even sell V-Day related products, but there are clever ways you can promote your product while celebrating love. Donuts aren’t romantic (unless you’re quirky) but Dunkin Donuts still took advantage with their marketing.

5)   Create V-Day Partnership Opportunities 

  • Consumers tend to treat their partners with romantic experiences on V-Day like dinners or movies rather than generic gifts. Your business can partner with restaurants or theatres as part of a promotion. Here is an example of how online clothing store Express paired with theatre company Fandago. 

Enjoy these tips and your Valentines Day, you ridiculously good-looking thing. 

You stay classy,
The Spenda Team.