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Sell better.
Get paid faster.

A single, integrated business platform that streamlines processes and takes the headache out of sending quotes and invoices, managing order disputes, and collecting payments.

Improve the way you trade and get paid

One connected platform that displaces multiple, disparate systems in favour of one collaborative solution that improves transactional efficiency between businesses.
Accept payments, fast
Simplify the collections process, make it easier for customers to pay on time, and reduce the need to chase late payments.
Access third-party finance
Boost your purchasing power, optimise working capital, reduce supply chain friction and improve collaboration with your trading partners.
Improve cash flow
Automate processes and utilise smart and secure eInvoicing technology to turn receivables into cash, faster.

Scalable payment solutions for businesses

Make it easy for customers to pay using our innovative and customisable payment technology.
Accept more payment options and get paid faster.
Manage your online and offline payments with ease.
Flexible white-labelled payment solutions to boost conversions.

Fund your business growth

Access third-party finance, boost your purchasing power and reduce supply chain friction.
Benefit from extended payment terms, while your suppliers get paid on time.
Turn invoices into cash, faster and boost cash flow.
Take advantage of extending payment terms and optimise working capital.

Simplify the way you manage invoices

Automate the way you manage and pay invoices, enhance cash flow efficiency and grow faster.
Simplify the collections process and get paid faster.
Effortlessly manage and pay your invoices.

Secure and compliant payments

With strict measures in place, you can process payments with complete confidence knowing all your transactions and data is safe.
Two step authentication
This makes it extremely difficult for unauthorised people to access your account and helps keep your data safe.
AML & KYC compliance
We adhere to strict Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks, laws and regulations.
360 degree testing
We use both internal and external security assurance of our systems to ensure all transactions are securely created and stored.

Integrations and APIs that power innovation

We make Spenda work for you. Our solutions can easily plug into applications you already use to deliver smooth transactions, help you reduce manual data entry, and provide your business with one centralised source of digital truth.