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Effortless payments for wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers

Smarter supply chain management, payment collection and automation.


A complete and integrated eCommerce solution designed for all business types.

Take control of your cash flow and turn your invoices into cash faster.

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Know exactly when you will get paid

Give your business customers more ways to pay their invoices and offer access to finance at the point of purchase. You will get paid on time, while we manage the payments with your buyer. Limit your credit exposure, have more certainty in cash flow and grow your business faster.


Collect what you are owed faster

Give your customers a personalised view of your accounts receivable ledger (on a secure, approved basis) to see what they owe you and make payment. All payments are automatically reconciled into your accounting system.


Give your customers more ways to pay

Get paid what you are owed, faster. We’ve implemented B2C functionality into the B2B payments landscape through Buyer Finance and Intent to Pay frameworks, and Workflow Payments options.


Improved cash flow management

Stop chasing payments and get better control of your cash flow with our elite software tools designed to reduce the friction between buyers and sellers, improve data quality and record keeping, and provide increased data security and reduces costs.


Access business data in real-time

Automatic integration with your accounting and finance systems makes for easier reconciliation and reporting, removes the need to manually enter sales data and helps you stay on top of your cash flow.


Take payments and trade with confidence

Security is at the forefront of how we build our software. With strict AML and KYC compliance, Two Step Authentication and double security testing measures, you can process payments with complete confidence knowing all your transactions and data is safe. 


Digital tools to streamline business processes

We have a suite of apps designed to stand alone or connect to form a complete integrated ERP system. Whether you need smarter inventory management and procurement tools, payment collection software or an ecommerce store,  we’ve got the right solution for you.

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