Why Spenda?

Why Spenda?

As a wholesaler or supplier, we want you to be on top of everything.

By freeing your business from dated and siloed systems, we’ll empower your wholesale or supplier business by helping you embrace a new generation of technology that just works. You won’t need a degree to understand our systems.

Spenda is designed to be intuitive, so you can simply pick it up and start using it and help your B2B contacts and customers join the party.

How do we help your business?

Our one platform seamlessly integrates your data in real-time across your inside sales, field sales, payments, warehouses, inventory and more.

Now the annoying patching between each system is removed entirely. Making it easier and faster for you and most importantly, the business associates you conduct business with.

Already have a business software you understand? No problemo! We can run your whole business through Spenda as a stand-alone ERP system, or integrate it into your existing business software.

Change your system. Not your vision.