As a wholesaler or supplier, your business could expand across into multiple warehouses.

Tracking and managing your inventory, servicing, orders, staff, payments and more across these locations can stretch resources thin, take way too long and implode your brain from calculations.

That’s why Spenda’s warehousing and stock control management system helps you control all of your locations in one location.

Let’s keep your brain and products flowing.

Multiple Warehouses Or Stores

You can manage up to four locations with Spenda’s elite warehousing management tool.

Need more warehouse locations for growing or bigger businesses? Go for it! You can add as many locations as needed for a small monthly fee that doesn’t cost you a fortune unlike some competitors.

Because managing your warehouse locations should be a cheap breeze, not a costly nightmare.

Request & Track

Spenda helps you request stock transfers between warehouses and even lets you track the movement of inventory between these locations.

We understand your inventory is constantly changing and some of your warehouse locations may need to stock up others quickly. We help you manage this chop-suey.

Not only is your stock value and numbers managed and updated in real-time, your efficiency conducting business between warehouses is increased to save you time, resources and money.

Mobile Warehouse Management

If your stock levels for mobile warehouses (service and delivery van operations) are running low, Spenda helps boost these numbers as quickly as possible to keep your business processes running like clockwork.

You can set auto-restock levels for mobile warehouses to ensure stock replenishment is fast, accurate and tracked in real-time across your inventory numbers.

This means transparent communication between your staff, better control of your inventory and no miscalculations, transcripts or human error with your product transfers and deliveries.


Get started with Warehousing and Stock Control!