At Spenda, we understand as a wholesaler or supplier… you have a lot to take care of.

You want maximum expansion, visibility, productivity, sales and profit. Chop-suey.

Your customers also desire the best user experience and engagement from your business. They want all your products quickly and at their fingertips. In one place. Without their brains imploding.

Trying to combine all of this can be a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be.

Meet Spenda Marketplace. The digital wingman for wholesalers and suppliers.


Like eCommerce, Spenda Marketplace delivers digital customer orders, but provides a lot more options up your sleeves.

Spenda Marketplace also allows you to:

Include your inside sales and field teams as collaborators in sales processes.

Support special pricing, so your customers always get the right price.

Control more than just orders and delivers electronic invoices to your customers.

Integrate all customer invoices straight into their financial systems in seconds, not hours.

Help customers generate orders on their iPads and phones in addition to just browsers.

Allow customers to place orders anywhere and everywhere. Whether on the go or in store.

Your customers run their business quickly and efficiently to offer their buyers a personalised buying experience.

At Spenda, we want your wholesaler or supplying business to join the party.
You deserve cake on your face too.

Take Orders 24/7

Business never sleeps. Take orders anytime and anywhere, whether in store, over the phone, online or on the go.

Simplified Ordering System

Our easy to use system means your brain won’t implode taking orders. Simply click, drop or drag on our easy to navigate pages to increase your bottom line.

Beat Your Competitors

A faster, transparent ordering system helps you gain the advantage. We want you knowing every detail of how your business runs to hit maximum sales and get ahead of other competitive wholesalers/distributors.

Personalised Customer Experience

Distinct classes, price bands, product bundles, bulk discounts, icons and specials can be attached to your product line to improve customer experience and make your business unique.

Help Customers During Digital Sales

You can assist, upsell and make recommendations to customers during their buying process to make it easier for both of you. Customers take comfort knowing they are talking to a person, not a robot.

Highlight Your Range

You can easily add important details to products to highlight the key features of your items within your range (ie: gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free).

Better Customer Knowledge

Understand your customers better with complete analytics and easy access to their purchase history and preferences. When they come back, you have the inside knowledge on what they may be after.

Collaborate On Orders

Communicate with your customer in real-time during orders to make them feel comfortable and secure buying from your business. Knowing you’re there to help at anytime makes them feel more individualised over automated responses.

Empower Customers

Deliver a self-service system to your customers giving them the ability to build, manage and track their order status while collaborating with you in real-time.

Integrate With Your Software

Spenda Marketplace can integrate all your business data into your financial software. Integration with MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero takes seconds, not hours.

Increase Customer Returns

A faster, robust and fully transparent ordering system means your customers keep coming back. Customers want a unique, efficient and enjoyable buying experience every time. Spenda Marketplace provides that flexibility.

Shorter Queues, Faster Sales

Your customer has full access to all of your range at their fingertips. Better transparency means a faster ordering process, quicker sales and removal of queues.

Build Customer Trust

Clear transparency and communication involving stock and pricing with your customer helps build customer satisfaction and security to keep them coming back.

Spike Your Revenue

Spenda Marketplace turns your entire business into a well oiled machine to spike your sales, revenue and client respect. We want every aspect of your business at your fingertips to make your job easier. Wholesalers and distributors deploying a unified platform can experience a 210% spike in sales.

Full Access To Your Catalogue

Your entire product list is available to customers 24/7 in an easy-to-browse secure system.

Browse Item Catalogues

Customers can access catalogue items or categories defined by you as the wholesaler/supplier for an easier shopping experience.

View Frequent Purchases

Customers can easily view their frequent and favourite purchases from your business for convenience and helpful reminders for intermittent visits.

Add Previous Orders

Any previous or favourite purchase orders can be easily added to current orders to avoid punching in repetitive numbers. Every visit means a faster sales process.

Browse Promotions & Special Items

Customers can view sales, promotional or special use items easily to improve their buying processes and potentially save money from better variety.

Rapid Ordering System

Spenda Marketplace helps customers transition quickly from searching your products, creating shortlists and proceeding to the checkout as easily as possible.

Create Purchase Lists

Customers create purchase lists with one click or can drag items into categorical templates to keep their orders flowing and controlled.

Simple Functionality

Spenda Marketplace has one-click order functionality when customers are moving through your products. Item numbers can be increased or decreased instantly or dragged into individual templates.

Customise Order Templates

Some customers might want particular purchase items in different templates or categories. Spenda Marketplace allows easy customisation of order templates.

Easy To Use Standing Orders

The easy to use ordering system on Spenda Marketplace means more efficiency for customers to order on the go, in store or online.

They Save Time

We want Spenda Marketplace to be faster for your customers too. Procurement of your products to your customers is much quicker on our unified system, meaning no more long queues in store or online.

Collaborate With You On Orders

First time having a new customer look at your products online or in store? No worries! You can collaborate with them in person or digitally on Spenda Marketplace to help them explore and purchase your products.

Charge Directly To Supplier Debtor

Your customer payments integrate directly with the secure encrypted cloud-based financial system within Spenda Marketplace. Every price, amount, sale and data analytics is matched on both sides.

Direct Financial Integration

Both you and the customer have an integrated financial connection for every transaction. We cut out the accounting headaches from the ATO by removing repetitive data entry and human errors.


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