As a wholesaler or supplier, we know you want flexibility and security when it comes to taking or making payments.

At Spenda, we want you being able to accept every way your customer pays. Quickly and seamlessly. Whether that’s in-store, online, over the phone or on the go.

Not only is every payment encrypted and protected, we open your selling possibilities to the world. 24/7.

Secure Credit Vault

Spenda allows easy scheduling, auto-charging and spontaneous payments from customers via our elite credit vault that securely encrypts and stores credit card details.

This impenetrable system means all payments are secure from theft and discrepancies, while also removing the possibilities of human error, repetitive data entry entry and annoying manual end-of-shift reconciliation.

All payments also integrate into your financial system within seconds, not hours.

Expand Your Sales Globally

Want to give your business some wings to expand overseas? No worries!

We understand you might be on different time-frames to international customers, that’s why Spenda is available for orders and payments 24/7.

Spenda’s currency conversion system helps you connect with international customers and gain the upper hand over your business competitors failing to offer this.

Spenda connects to the currency market in real-time and fires out conversion rates and calculations chop-suey. Meaning you don’t have to manually punch in the numbers and communicate across different linguistics.

Now the customer has a seamless purchasing experience so you can fly through sales.

Online Account Management

Spenda’s Online Account Management system lets you have instant and secure online access to your merchant account information. Whenever and wherever you need it.

Our tablet-based system is designed to be accessible in store or on the move just like your business, so you can quickly view customer purchases, outstanding debts and invoices in a heartbeat.

Flexible Payment Types

Payments come in many ways, we want you to be adaptable. Whether that’s in store, online, over the phone or on the go.

Spenda’s payment system accepts Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, American Express and Diners Club credit cards, along with EFTPOS.

Setting up recurring payments between customers and other businesses also takes seconds to save you time.

All payment data integrates into your financials within seconds to keep your eye on the next sale or purchase.

Improved Customer Experience

We want your customer to be a happy-chappy. Our faster, fully integrated payment system means you don’t leak sales.

Because Spenda’s integrated payment system is seamless, you have the ability to serve more customers during peak business hours while slashing the length of your queues.

Even if customers are confused or unsure of payment methods, you can simply collaborate with them on sales within Spenda to help assist with transactions in real-time and improve their experience with your business.


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