Discover our features
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Discover our features
See how they can benefit your business

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Spenda Marketplace

Looking for a way to increase productivity and profit while reducing the time your sales reps have to invest in each sale? Using legacy software that lacks the user experience your customers demand?

Spenda Marketplace is the solution.

Like eCommerce, Spenda Marketplace will deliver digital  customer orders, but unlike eCommerc, Spenda Marketplace allows you to:

  • Include inside sales and field sales teams as collaborators in the sales process.
  • Supports special pricing so that customers always get the right price.
  • Supports more than just orders and delivers electronic invoices to your customers ready for integration into their financial system.
  • Supports your customers generating orders on their iPads and phones (in addition to browser-based options) so they can place orders on-the-go, at the shelf, in the coolroom or the aisle of their warehouse.

Switch to a digital procurement solution and watch your sales grow.

  • Take orders 24 hours a day, every single day.
    Offer your customers a simplified ordering system
    designed to increase your bottom line.
  • Gain a competitive advantage over other wholesalers/distributors.
  • Deliver a personalised shopping experience for all of your customers with distinct classes, price bands, product bundles, bulk discounts, and specials.
  • Upsell and make recommendations to customers during the buying process.
  • Add icons to products to highlight the key features of items in your range (ie; gluten-free, dairy-free).
  • Get to know your customers better with analytics and easy access to their purchase history.
  • Collaborate on orders in real-time with your customers.
  • Deliver a self-service system to your customers giving them the ability to build and manage their order, track the order status and collaborate with you in real-time.
  • Integrate with your existing business software.

Deliver a buying experience your customers want to use.

  • Rapid ordering with the ability to:
    • Define favourite items and build up a ‘frequently purchased’ list.
    • Simple one-click re-ordering functionality.
    • Access customisable order templates.
    • Easy to use standing orders.
  • Access your full catalogue with the ability to:
    • Browse item categories defined by you as the supplier/wholesaler.
    • View their frequently purchased items.
    • View previous orders and add items from previous orders to current orders.
    • Browse items on promotion.
    • Browse ‘special use’ items defined by you as the supplier/wholesaler.
  • View their full purchase history with just a few clicks.
  • Collaborate on orders in real-time with you as the supplier/wholesaler.
  • Charge purchases directly to their supplier debtor.
  • Integrate their invoices directly into their financials.

Your customers run their businesses efficiently and offer their customers a personalised buying experience. Don’t you think it’s time you joined them?

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Spenda has a large library of integrations with many Accounting, ERP and e-commerce applications. Contact us to see if your system is supported.

Enterprise System Integrations
  • Pronto
  • MYOB Advanced
  • Greentree
  • Nexus
  • Microsoft dynamics
E-commerce Integrations
  • Shopify
  • Woo commerce
  • NETO
Accounting Integrations
  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • MYOB

Inside Sales

Order Collaboration

Bridge the physical distance between the customer and the salesperson with real-time order collaboration.

Efficient and Powerful

Rapid order entry and powerful price management tools make Spenda the must-have inside sales tool.

Customer Insights

Access to detailed analytics about your customers gives your sales team the insights they need to increase sales volumes.

Field Sales

Real-time & Mobile

Access real-time stock availability, order status updates and customer history on-the-go.

Sell Fast & Sell More

Ensure maximum efficiency from your sales team with sales route planning and up-sell opportunities.

Customer Management

Give your sales teams access to customer information fast so they can keep track of all interactions and provide first-class customer service.


Credit Vault
Efficiently schedule recurring bills and auto-charge customers using a credit vault that securely encrypts and stores credit card details.
Global Sales

Connect with new customers based overseas
and win business over competitors not offering
currency conversion.

Online Account Management

With our online account management tool – RAM, you have simple, secure, and online access to your merchant account information whenever and wherever you need it.

Warehousing and Stock Control

Multiple Locations

Manage up to four locations with Spenda’s Warehousing Management tool. Need more warehouse locations? You can add as many locations as you need for a small monthly fee.

Request and Track

With Spenda you can request stock transfers between warehouses and track the movement of inventory between multiple warehouses.

Mobile Warehouse Management

Set auto-restock levels for mobile warehouses (or service van operations) to ensure stock replenishment is quick, accurate and tracked in your inventory levels.

Inventory Management

Full Visibility

With Spenda keeping track of stock is easy. You can easily see inventory across your whole organisation and get a prompt when it’s time to replenish stock levels.

Smart Price Automation

Spenda’s pricing feature has some pretty sweet coding behind it so you don’t have to calculate a darn thing. Simply enter a Markup/Margin and we’ll calculate the Margin/Markup in both % and $.

Inventory Management at your fingertips

We know that inventory data can get messy, with Spenda you can edit it on-the-go! Spenda allows you to link barcodes to inventory items during a sale and update/add product photos direct from your iPad POS.

Get in touch today and see how Spenda can transform your business.

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