Spenda as an ERP system

Spenda is an all in one software suite designed to replace outdated, clunky and siloed business processes.

With Spenda you can manage all of your business needs in one place, with features designed for purchasing, distribution, inventory management, sales, financial integration, and B2B eCommerce.

100% Digital Trading

B2B customers are looking for the same user experience from you that they provide to their retail customers, mainly a fast, flexible, personalised procurement solution that supports them at every stage of the buying, receiving and invoicing process.

Spenda Marketplace provides your customers with a simple, digital buying experience that is easy for them to use and generates more sales for you.

Increase Customer Adoption

Traditional eCommerce will optimise your ordering but often has poor user uptake because it doesn't solve your customer's pain points.

Spenda is different. With digital collaboration, we offer your customers an excellent buying experience by serving digital purchase orders and invoices directly into their financial systems.

This collaboration is extended to you as the seller with digital invoices integrated into your customer's accounts payable.

Trading how it should be

Remove Ordering Errors

Never re-key an order again. Receive digital orders from your customers' that integrate with your ERP system and your customer's accounting system.

Share your Catalogue

Offer your customers a first-class ordering experience with a dedicated online marketplace for your products and specific prices for different customer classes.

Order Collaboration

Collaborate on customer orders in real-time. Message your customer from within an order to clarify or substitute products and log everything for future reference.

Returns Management

Customer-generated claims can be easily reviewed by your team. Once approved Spenda will generate and post a Credit Note to your financial system.

ERP Integration & Inventory Management

Sync your eCommerce front-end with the back-end logistics of your business to ensure stock availability and prompt delivery.

Get more Customers

We can help you deliver best-practice e-commerce experiences. Your customers will love engaging with your brand and keep coming back to order more.


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