A Fully Connected ERP System

We want you managing your entire business data at your fingertips in one place. Chop-suey.

That’s why Spenda Marketplace gives you all the features designed for purchasing, distribution, inventory management, sales and B2B eCommerce.

We can run your whole business as a robust, fully integrated ERP system, or simply connect with your existing business software if needed.

Whatever your preference is fine by us!

Because running your entire business system should empower your brain, not implode it.

How Spenda Is Faster

Your B2B customers want the same user experience from you that they provide to their retail customers.

Put simply, a fast, flexible, personalised procurement solution supporting them through every stage of the buying, receiving and invoice processes.

On Spenda, every aspect of your customer’s buying experience is at their fingertips and easy to navigate.

Oh, and complete financial integration on sales takes seconds, not hours.

Spenda Marketplace integrates immediately with your Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB financials to keep your business processes running as smoothly as possible.

Now, you can fly through sales more efficiently, remove queues and boost your revenue through 100% digital trading.

How Spenda Improves Customer Experiences

Sure, traditional eCommerce methods optimises ordering options. But it has a poor user uptake because browsing and payments are slow, adding to customer headaches.

We want your customers enjoying themselves, so they keep coming back to you.

At Spenda, our digital collaboration offers an excellent buying experience by serving digital purchase orders and invoices directly into their financial systems.

This collaboration extends to you as the seller with digital invoices integrated straight into your customer’s accounts payable.

If your customer has every option available to them instantly, they will love your business.

Better buying efficiency + Increased customer trust = Boosted sales.

How Spenda Empowers Wholesalers & Suppliers

Immediate Integration

Spenda can be your entire ERP business management software or integrate with existing business software. Xero, MYOB & Quickbooks integration takes seconds.

Take Orders 24/7

Keep your business operating at maximum capacity. Our easy-to-use ordering system means you don’t have to be Einstein and can work whenever or wherever you want.

Remove Ordering Errors

Never re-key an order again. All customer digital orders integrate with your ERP system and their accounting system in seconds, not hours. Boost your efficiency.

Share Your Catalogue

Offer customers a first-class ordering experience with an elite online marketplace for your products. Tailor specific prices for different customer classes.

Order Collaboration

Collaborate on customer orders in real-time and contact them privately within orders to clarify or substitute products. Log their details for improved future sales.

Returns Management

Your team can easily review customer-generated claims. Once approved, Spenda generates and posts a Credit Note to your integrated financial system.

ERP Integration & Inventory

Run your stock like a pro. Spenda syncs the eCommerce front and back-end logistics of your business to ensure stock availability and prompt delivery.

Faster Sales

Having full transparency with all customers through your complete business integration means less hesitation from them and decreased time spent on your sales.

Increase Customers & Revenue

Collaborate on customer orders in real-time and contact them privately within orders to clarify or substitute products. Log their details for improved future sales.


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