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Water-Test-Sales Workflow

Run a water test and have the results and chemical recommendations auto-populated into a sale in your POS system within minutes. Easily change the dosage or switch out products and write instruction notes directly onto the invoice.

Service Management

Manage staff in the field, book and schedule jobs, allocate work to teams or individual techs and offer your field staff GPS and route optimisation to maximise save time and profit.

Fully Integrated POS

Rid your business of legacy POS systems, eliminate manual data entry and external processes, save time and get a real-time view of your business with a mobile, cloud-based iPad POS system.

Empower your team in the field, office and beyond. SpendaPool is the digital wingman your business needs.

SpendaPool is an integrated software solution built specifically for the Pool & Spa Industry. SpendaPool connects your Water Testing Systems, Service Management and Accounting Software with Spenda POS to offer a seamless service-to-sales workflow.

With SpendaPool you can drive your business into the future with digital business processes, faster invoicing and better cash flow.

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What is SpendaPool?

SpendaPool is a complete business management platform that integrates every part of your business. It’s designed for any company – from a large operation with multiple stores, right down to a man in a van.

By turning complex manual processes into automated digital workflows, SpendaPool helps your business operate more efficiently, service more customers and improve your bottom line.

Save hours every week in processing your accounts, chasing debts and managing your business. Gain credibility while targeting a wider market and improve customer service and satisfaction.

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What's in the box?

Water Testing

Integrate data from water testing hardware direct to a sale in your POS system.

Financial Integration

Integrate data in 
real-time with your accounting systems.

Project Management

Create, schedule, and invoice multi-day or multi-part jobs with ease.


Assign the right team to the right job with intuitive scheduling tools.

Point of Sale

Pay customer accounts directly from 
POS & allocate directly to your financials.


Process payments in the field, fully integrated into your accounting platform.

Dive in and see what SpendaPool can do for your business

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