Real-Time Inventory Management.

What is SpendaStock?

SpendaStock is an elite integrated Inventory Management software that empowers businesses to view, track and control their products across multiple warehouses in realtime.
With SpendaStock businesses can manage their warehouses, whether that be a fleet of vans, shops or external warehouses from anywhere with an internet connection. The stock management feature also allows for warehouse to warehouse stock transfers and requisitions.

Manage Multiple Warehouses

SpendaStock empowers you to manage up to four warehouses all from one digital location on your iPad. Additional warehouses can be added for a low monthly fee and all transactions are stored digitally.

Real-Time Inventory Management

SpendaStock accurately lists your inventory, stock numbers and pricing across all locations in real-time. Simply enter a margin or markup value and we’ll calculate the percentages and amounts for you. 

Manage stock better and never miss a sale

Book a demo today and learn more about SpendaStock and how this add-on product can add value to your business.

Smart Tracking

SpendaStock sends notifications when item numbers are low and provides suggestions on what needs restocking across your warehouses.

Immediate Integration

Because SpendaStock is fully integrated with our POS solution, stock levels will be automatically amended after a sale or refund to ensure businesses always know what is available and never miss a sale. Our inventory management software can also perform stock takes or rolling stock takes and performs stock adjustments as required.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can have all of your inventory items up on SpendaStock within a day, depending on the number of warehouses your businesses runs and operates. Once integrated, you have real-time control to view, edit and coordinate these products at your fingertips.

Of course! SpendaStock can be purchased as an add-on feature to SpendaPOS and your financial account (MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero) in real-time. This birds-eye view of your product numbers, prices and orders help remove the chances of going out or over-stock.

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