SpendaService Pro

Get organised. Get paid. Grow your business.

What is SpendaService Pro?

SpendaService Pro is a customisable Field Service Management tool that allows businesses to control their entire internal operations from one location. Built to support multiple industries, SpendaService Pro has powerful features to empower your team in the field, the office and beyond.
SpendaService Pro helps ensure transparent communication and job tracking by coordinating business operations including customer management, scheduling, dispatching, work orders, payment collection and mobile employees. The benefits of switching to a cloud-based, automated field management solution like SpendaService Pro allow users to send, receive and edit job information in real-time, eliminating the need for paperwork and return visits.

Work in the office or in the field

Team Scheduling

Schedule jobs, track their status, set availability and easily manage territories.

Personalised Templates

Create your own templates unique to your business for improved job management.

Customer Management

Record customer details and set up recurring bookings to save time on future sales.

Expand your Service Capabilities

Book a demo with our professional reps and discover how SpendaService Pro can streamline your processes, improve cashflow and satisfy customers.

Financial Integrations

SpendaService Pro can be integrated with SpendaCollect and your financial accounts instantly.

GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS tracking helps plan the fastest routes and monitor completed jobs.

Staff Management

Edit staff incentives and commissions with notifications sent directly to technicians in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. Not only do all dispatches, tasks and work orders update in real-time to keep your mobile employees in the loop, but they can also enter in specific details such as booking updates and payment collection and submit these details straight into SpendaService in seconds to keep the whole chain of operations up to date as tasks are ticked off. It means your main warehouse or business location is always up to date with completed and upcoming jobs or sales.

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