More than just a digital register.

What is SpendaPOS?

Our cloud-based Point of Sale system allows businesses to quickly and easily process a transaction while offering them complete access to an impressive data set. Inventory data and customer, sale and purchase history can be accessed directly from our tablet-based POS giving you greater insight into your business.
SpendaPOS is designed to be user-friendly and boasts impressive UI, a critical feature for high-traffic operations. The faster a sale is completed, the shorter the queue time and the greater customer satisfaction. Additionally, our drag-and-drop functionality means quick and easy staff uptake.
Our tablet-based system is more than just a digital register. Our software is fully integrated with small business accounting software and ERP solutions and feeds sales, stock and customer information in real-time to independent accounting applications. 

Your all in one point of sale system

Faster Payments

Search and purchase items quickly from an innovative touch-screen or built-in barcode scanner.

Employee Access

Our user-friendly system is accessible to all staff, providing faster employee uptake.

Returns & Refunds

Manage sales and returns within sales and integrate this data into your financials.

Recurring Payments

Track customer history, take recurring payments and attach loyalty programs.

Financial Integration

SpendaPOS can instantly integrate your business data into your financial system.

Virtual Terminals

Access an integrated EFTPOS solution complete with a virtual terminal for processing payments in-store, online or via phone.

Try Before You Buy

Start off with a demo to explore some of the SpendaPOS features, or go the full experience by integrating it to your financial system on a 30-day free trial.

Add On Features With SpendaPOS

SpendaBuy is a procurement tool that automates the purchasing process and allows businesses to send purchase orders directly to their suppliers.

SpendaStock is an elite integrated Inventory Management software which empowers you to view, track and control your inventory across multiple warehouses in real-time. 

SpendaCollect is the crown in our payments stack and enables any business to collect debt from any customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! SpendaStock can be purchased as an add on feature to SpendaPOS so you have complete control and management of your inventory numbers, pricing, margins and descriptions from your iPad. Our in-built SpendaPOS barcode scanner is lightning fast on your products and provides real-time stock updates for better customer engagement.

Yes. SpendaPOS is a mobile system that can work off a Wifi or 3G network connection to work in-store, over the phone or on the go. Making it perfect in taking sales quickly and efficiently for all business types from mobile B2B sales representatives, retail stores or man-in-a-van operations.

SpendaPOS works for all business types and sizes, whether you’re a pop-up retailer, brick-and-mortar store or multi-chain supplier. Our user-friendly iPad point of sale makes it easy to manage sales and take payments at your fingertips for inside or field transactions.

Yes. If your iPad has a SIM / Data connection, it will automatically switch and use that data signal if your Wifi connection happens to drop out. We give you peace of mind knowing if your Wifi happens to go offline, your operation doesn’t.

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