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What is SpendaPool?

SpendaPool is a complete digital business management platform that integrates all of your pool or spa business data, including your jobs, schedules, payments, customer details and more. Whether you’re a large operation with multiple stores or a mobile operation with technicians in the field SpendaPool can be optimised to assist your business. 

More than two hours per day is wasted on admin duties by traditional pool and spa businesses who still utilise paperwork, PDFs and spreadsheets to handle tasks, bookings and sales. SpendaPool changes this and enables real-time digital updates from your team in the field and allows them to handle customer needs in seconds at their fingertips.

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Service Management

Create, manage and invoice multi-day or multi-part jobs with ease using our integrated service platform. Customer management, dispatching and work orders take seconds from your fingertips.

Faster Scheduling

Our digital tools are designed to help assign the right team to the right job. Intuitive scheduling tools provide real-time updates for mobile employees and they have real-time access to update tasks as they are completed.

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Faster Payments

Sick of receiving late or inaccurate payments slowly via outdated invoicing methods requiring paperwork or PDFs? Connect to our Collection platform and offer multiple ways to pay, in the field using our virtual terminal or via a secure payment portal with invoice batch-payment or end-of-month billing for large customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. SpendaPool is user-friendly and has unlimited access to all of your field staff from their iPad. Any changes made to schedules, tasks, orders, deliveries or payments will update and integrate in real-time between your office locations and technicians so you never miss a beat.

You bet it will. Hours are spent by traditional pen-and-paper pool and spa businesses on their admin duties, SpendaPool is designed to manage your entire operation digitally in a matter of seconds. Because all payment transactions integrate in real-time with your financial accounts, your reconciliation will become automated. This will save you countless hours each year on manually checking your books.

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