Enables any business to collect debt from any customer. Quick, simple, efficient.

What is SpendaCollect?

SpendaCollect is the crown in our payments stack and enables any business to collect debt from any customer. In the retail setting, this involves functionality allowing customers to pay for goods or services either in-store, online or on-the-go through our virtual terminal. For suppliers and wholesalers, this means a custom portal enabling their customers to see their outstanding invoices which they can pay off using our integrated payment collection system.

Instore businesses have the option to integrate into an EFT device or use the onscreen manual entry to collect payments. In the field, our software enables outstanding invoices to be paid off through a virtual terminal. SpendaCollect simplifies debt collection, which helps businesses to increase revenue and reduce the need to chase customers for payments.

All our payment software is AML and KYC compliant and has 2FA security.

Trade faster, get paid quicker.

Pay All Invoices At Once

SpendaCollect is one of the only payment collection solutions in Australia that enables customers to track, group, and batch-pay all of their outstanding invoices simultaneously, saving time, money and resources between both parties and speeding up payment efficiency.

More Payment Options

Customers can receive notifications on overdue invoices and pay these off quickly and seamlessly with flexible payment options including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club and more.

Integration In Real-Time

SpendaCollect can quickly and seamlessly integrate into your existing ERP management system (Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business One) or accounting platform (MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero) in real-time. Meaning no delayed payment arrival or manual data entry.

Automated Reconciliation

SpendaCollect gives you a complete and simplified reconciliation with secure ledger and full debtor account access to keep you on top of your cash flow at all times. Accounts payable and receivables between both parties are in sync to improve cash flow efficiency.

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Why is SpendaCollect needed?

Of all trade between Australian businesses, 53% of invoices are paid late at an average of 23 days. Another 20% of paid invoices are the incorrect amount, while another 20% are sent to the wrong address.

These mistakes are costly for businesses to clean up as they often involve manual and time-consuming processes.

SpendaCollect removes these errors with better technology to save you time, money and resources while ensuring you never have to issue a late invoice notice again.

SpendaCollect ROI Calculator

Want to find out how much SpendaCollect can save your business each year? Use our ROI calculator below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Seconds. Once customers register and sign in to the SpendaCollect portal, your business can send invoices in real-time directly to customers. They then have the option to batch-pay all of these at once and the payment will integrate with your ERP management system or financial account in real-time. You can set up your accounts receivable to update automatically as they arrive, every few minutes or at the end of business days to ensure your cash flow is always up to date.

Less than two minutes! Your business simply sends an invite for the customer to join and they enter their business details and create a login and password. Once your business verifies and confirms these details, the customer can then log in using their credentials. Integrating all transactions with the financial accounts or ERP management systems for both parties takes less than a day.

SpendaCollect can quickly integrate with ERP management systems such as SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics and MYOB ARL, Quickbooks Online and Xero accounting systems. SpendaCollect can also be purchased as an add-on feature to our digital trading module, SpendaMarket, to assist with purchase orders and can be integrated with our dynamic payment software.

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