Digital tools to automate and simplify the procurement process.

What is SpendaBuy?

SpendaBuy is a procurement tool that automates the purchasing process and allows businesses to send purchase orders directly to their suppliers. 

Because SpendaBuy is iPad based, users can walk around their store and enter product details directly into their purchase orders using either the search functionality or by scanning items using the virtual bar-code scanner. This simple advancement in UI saves businesses valuable time and removes manual processes like lists with pen and paper.

Better Control & Less Resource Intensive

Admin and User Settings

Admin controls within SpendaBuy allow the business to customise user settings to determine who has authority to raise and approve purchase orders, providing confidence that nothing can be ordered without the correct approvals.

Save time and money

SpendaBuy reduces administrative duties and cuts down the time and effort required to place orders while also removing unnecessary manual data-entry and human error.

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Greater visibility and faster ordering

A better procurement experience 

SpendaBuys “suggest what I need to buy” feature allows businesses to replenish stock based on predetermined min/max stock settings. Once a product reaches the minimum stock level a purchase order is raised and sent for approval to bring stock back to maximum levels.

Flipping the purchase action

Rather than building multiple purchase orders with each supplier’s inventory list, SpendaBuy allows you to browse all your products from all your suppliers at the same time. Once you have selected the items you need, SpendaBuy breaks the list down into separate purchase orders ready to be sent digitally to your suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! SpendaStock can be purchased as an add on feature to SpendaBuy so you have complete control and management of your inventory numbers, pricing, margins and descriptions from your iPad. As long as your staff have an iPad at each location, the in-built barcode scanner can be used to add items to purchase orders or conduct faster stock counts.

Yes. SpendaBuy is a mobile system that can work off a Wifi or 3G network connection to work in-store, over the phone or on the go. It means if you run out of stock, purchase orders can be placed to your connected suppliers in real-time from anywhere, anytime.

Yes. If your iPad has a SIM / Data connection, it will automatically switch and use that data signal if your Wifi connection happens to drop out. We give you peace of mind knowing if your Wifi happens to go offline, your operation doesn’t.

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