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More businesses are switching to specialised software and apps to streamline their tasks, data, stock and sales quickly and seamlessly. Running a pool or spa business with paperwork and spreadsheets sinks efficiency and these traditional methods waste valuable hours and resources while hindering your customer service and sales potential. 

Manage your scheduling, invoicing and jobs with ease

With Spenda, you can manage your entire pool and spa business from one digital location. Our software solution allows you to streamline your process, reduce manual tasks and improve efficiency with an integrated iPad POS and payment solution, along with real-time inventory control.

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Spenda’s dynamic business management platform integrates every part of your business in one digital location and works for any company type or size – from a large operation with multiple stores and warehouses, right down to mobile pool and spa service technicians.


Connect to a powerful POS system

Our dynamic and user-friendly iPad Point of Sale system is designed to be mobile. Easily set up multiple terminals and run your pool service business from the shop, in the warehouse or on the go. Seamless integration means with every sale you make, all your transactions and inventory are automatically updated in real-time. 


Enjoy faster payments

Sick of invoicing paperwork and receiving late or inaccurate payments? Give your customers more ways to pay with Spenda. Accept card payments on-site, over the phone or online with our built-in virtual terminal. Our payment features allow you to offer your customers more flexible payment options and all transactions are updated in real-time to your financial accounts to make bank reconciliations a breeze.


Stock management and purchasing made simple

Never miss a sale again. Our real-time inventory management system integrates with our POS system so you can view and edit stock prices, margins, availability and descriptions at your fingertips, but more importantly you always know what you have in stock.

And, our digital assisted purchasing tool enables you to quickly order stock from your connected suppliers to prevent lost sales. Users can easily create purchase orders from supplier catalogues, manage reporting in seconds and integrate all data with their financial systems.


Sell online and reach more customers

New to selling online? No problem. Our team can quickly build your business an eCommerce site or integrate your products with existing online sales channels such as WooCommerce. Showcase and edit your catalogue in seconds and give your customers more flexibility in how they shop and pay. Our eCommerce builds are fully integrated to your business meaning your stock levels are updated across your online channel and in-store when a sale is made, reducing refunds and improving efficiency.

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