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Sales & Fulfilment

Delivering a better structure to the pick, pack and shipment of goods.


A complete and integrated eCommerce solution designed for all business types.

Collaborate on orders with customers and improve the way your business tracks sales, stock and fulfilment.

Key features


One connected & secure system

Benefit from one central order and price management hub where you can better track sales, payments, stock and fulfilment. Ensure all processes and people in-between, including your team members and customers, are kept informed and up-to-date at each step of the order fulfilment and delivery process.


Sales orders, simplified

The fulfilment of goods is linked to the payment event, meaning your customers will not get charged for the goods until the order is picked. This eliminates the need for additional admin and costs associated with substituting goods or creating ‘out of stock’ refunds and credit notes.


Process automation

Speed up procurement timelines and remove manual processes with automated actions at every step from order through to delivery. For example, once an order is placed, a notification is pushed from your sales team to the warehouse for order fulfilment and shipping. We can also help you integrate with shipping and third party logistics providers for quicker delivery.


Real-time integration

All transactions are fully integrated with your small business accounting software (Xero, MYOB, QBO) or larger ERP management systems. Use real-time data to make informed decisions, say goodbye to manual data entry errors and stay on top of your cash flow.

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Invoice Finance

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