Why Spenda?

Why Spenda?

By the end of 2020, over 80% of retailers in Australia will have switched from omni-channel retailing to unified commerce.

Some retailers that deployed a one-channel unified commerce system have already experienced a 210% spike in sales.

Yawn. What on earth is unified commerce?

It’s a faster, more simplistic and cheaper way to access and control your business by containing all your data across all channels in one place. Giving your business better visibility and improved efficiency for a much lower cost.

At Spenda, we know learning and teaching old, clunky and siloed technology can make your brain implode. Most of our staff have worked in retail and know how annoying it can be.

Our founder even ran a highly successful pet store for seven years before deciding to help other retailers by expanding and improving their software options.

We get it. That’s why our tablet-based software is super easy and fast to use so you can instantly access your data anywhere and everywhere. Instantly.

Your business is unique. That’s why Spenda also allows you to choose what will fit perfectly for your retailing business.