At Spenda, we want your business to be an elite machine when it comes to managing jobs, schedules, customers, technicians, bookings, GPS tracking, timesheets or staff.

Meet Spenda Service. Your engine supercharger.

Full Team Scheduling

Spenda Service allows you to manage every aspect of your team’s activities all in one place. Schedule your jobs, track their status, set availability and edit your team’s workload at your fingertips.

GPS Tracking & Breadcrumbing

At Spenda, we arm you with complete GPS tracking of team members in real-time, lead routing to plan the fastest routes and GPS breadcrumbing to see where your team has been and where they’re headed.

Customer Management

A happy customer is a loyal one. Spenda Service helps you record customer details and set up recurring bookings to save time on future purchases. Want instant access to their complete purchasing history for smoother sales? Done! All data needed is securely stored and available at your fingertips.

Create Templates

We want everything easily accessible and a breeze to navigate, so we let you create your own popular templates unique to your business. Easier templates means improved job management.

Financial Integrations

We don’t want you spending hours manually entering in data to your financial platforms. That’s why Spenda Service integrates all your data across into MYOB, Quickbooks or Xero in seconds. Goodbye repeat data entry and hello spiked productivity.

Staff Incentives & Commissions

Having the tools to completely track your staff output and business analytics means you can reward their efforts.

Spenda Service allows you to set up staff incentive and commission bonuses through complete tracking of time, inventory, pricing and completion of sales.

Multi-Technicians Per Job

Why manage your technicians in the field individually when all can be at your fingertips? Spenda Service allows you to monitor, track and schedule multiple technicians in the field to keep your business processes running smoothly. Whether you are in store, online or on the go.

Territory Management

Spenda Service allows you to schedule and manage multiple technicians across numerous territories. Even if they need to respond to a task outside of their given territory zone, Spenda will notify you of this and allow job editing, management and tracking of their status to keep your business processes flowing.


A completely transparent business leads to better communication. Spenda Service helps ensure accurate payroll with fully integrated timesheets. Remove annoying double entry and stay on top of your expenses and budget.


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