We want your business to have an eagle eye on every purchasing possibility so you can run your inventory like a pro.

Meet Spenda Buy. Your procurement and purchasing pal.


Spenda Buy lets you survey your desired market and all of the options available in one place to help you build your procurement list or templates with ease. Even if you want to split your order between suppliers, Spenda blends this into one order to save you time and get you back on track to looking after your business.


On Spenda Buy, receiving purchased items into stock is much faster. Because you can quickly count stock in, use barcode scanning, digitally count stock and have a one-click system for small price items, you remove the possibility of having differing order and receive amounts.

Purchase orders now take seconds, integrate instantly into your financials and your business is notified once items are delivered.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Having full and instant access to your inventory means staying on top of future orders and reducing the chances of going out or over-stock. Spenda Buy’s inventory system cuts out guesswork and miscalculations by updating the inventory in real-time.

Financial Integrations

We feel your pain manually entering in data expenses to your financial software. That’s why Spenda Buy integrates straight into your MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero systems. Having better control of all your incoming and outgoing expenses means less headaches from the ATO.

Complete Reporting

Spenda Buy has powerful analytics covering your business. All payment and refund transactions are stored digitally, while your order history keeps track of every purchase to recommend favourite templates and speed up future sales.

Secure Cloud Backup

Your expenses, purchase history, customer and bank details are private. Spenda Buy keeps it that way. All data is automatically integrated into a secure and encrypted cloud-based storage system to prevent transcript errors and theft.


Get started with Purchasing!