At Spenda, we wanted to create the ultimate digital wingman for everyday retailers.

An elite Point Of Sale system that lets you instantly and easily access everything to run your business at peak efficiency. In one place.

Say hello to our little friend, Spenda POS.

Simple & Fast

We wanted to empower your brain with technology, not implode it. Spenda’s user-friendly touch screen is incredibly easy to use and built using the latest innovations in user experience. Meaning faster staff uptake, more sales and short queues.

Flexible & Mobile

Spenda’s robust POS system is built to be tablet based, meaning you can take it anywhere and everywhere. We know security is important to you, so all your data is safely stored on a secure cloud-based system. Spenda currently works on Apple-based iOS operating systems, but will soon also bring Android-based systems to the party.

Collect Unpaid Debt

At Spenda, we think if you’re owed money you should know about it. To keep the jam in your doughnut, we give you the flexibility to take payments on outstanding invoices at multiple points in the sales cycle. When a customer places a new order in-store, over the phone or by email we also automatically integrate the sales into your financials. Instantly.

Infinite Employee Access

Teamwork makes the dream work. Spenda POS allows all of your staff to have complete access so they keep informed with your business proceedings. And because it’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use, they pick it up quickly and save you valuable time.

Users can also be assigned different access levels and you can set up admin to approve certain functionalities.

Manage Returns & Refunds

If your customers are happy, they keep coming back. Spenda POS allows quick and easy satisfaction with our return management system. Want to manage sales and returns in a single transaction? Done. All invoices, payments and returns integrate immediately with your financials and stock levels in seconds, not hours.

It’s vital your returns and refunds system is seamless to satisfy your customers and keep your business on track, that’s why we made ours the best.

Real-Time Inventory Management

We know it’s infuriating losing a sale due to inadequate or misrepresented stock levels. On Spenda POS, we remove the chances of depleting or miscalculating inventory by letting you monitor everything in real-time across multiple locations.

Want to add photos or barcodes to an inventory item to make it a faster sales process? No worries! You can even take photos to update product descriptions directly from your iPad. We make it easy so you stay happy.

Complete Financial Integration

Remember when it took hours to manually enter your business data into your financials? On Spenda POS, we help you smash this out in seconds, not hours.

Spenda integrates straight into your financials on MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero software. Saving you time, keeping you focused and helping you avoid accounting headaches. Because the only pleasant maths is adding up profits

Specialisation & Loyalty

We think all your customers should receive unique treatment. On Spenda POS, you can track their preferences, favourite purchases and attach individual loyalty programs rewarding their loyalty to your business.

Your customers are unique, treat them that way.

Improved Cash Flow

Spenda POS allows your business complete transparency and management of your cash flow. Track your revenue movement online, in store or on the go and have it stored securely to reduce errors, discrepancies and theft.


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