For your business to run smoothly, you need a fully integrated payment solution that can take payments 24/7 in any currency, wherever and whenever your customer requires.

Meet Spenda Pay. Your digital register.

Integrated Payments

How annoying is manual data entry? We feel your rage. Our fully integrated payment system connects your POS, EFTPOS terminal and financial systems together in one giant group hug. One entry of data saves you time and keeps you focused on more important business matters.

Secure Credit Vault

Think of our secure credit vault as an impenetrable safe guarded by Superman. All of your customer card details and business credit are encrypted and stored securely within our PCI compliant system.

Save Money

At Spenda, we want to keep the jam in your donut. That’s why we have a soft 1.5% blended flat rate for transactions under $1 million and tailored pricing solutions for merchants processing more than $1 million.

Take Any Payment, Anywhere

Payment methods can be varied, so we made Spenda Pay flexible and adaptable to keep your customers happy. Our system accepts:
– Visa
– Mastercard
– American Express
– Union Pay
– Diners Club credit cards.

Currency Conversion

Spenda Pay keeps international customers happy with an automatic currency converter to prevent exchange rate checks and calculations.

e-Invoices & Recurring Payments

Your digital payment and invoice methods should be lightning fast and efficient. Our integrated system sends, tracks and stores every digital invoice and can set up recurring payments for frequent customer orders and purchases.

PCI Compliant

Spenda Pay meets all the recommendations and compliances with The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Meaning your business organisation can handle all supported cards and schemes passing through your system.

Flexible Payments

At Spenda, we know as a business operator you need flexibility when it comes to making payments. Hence why we put everything in one place allowing you to pay online, over the phone, in store or on the move. Because Spenda Pay updates in real-time, you stay in the loop with outstanding fees.


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