A lot of businesses run their operation via multiple warehouses across different locations.

Wouldn’t it be great to integrate all of this data, inventory and finances in one place?

Meet Spenda Stock. Helping retailers manage multiple warehouses.

Manage Up To Four Warehouses

Need to manage multiple store locations? Too easy. Our user-friendly touch screen on Spenda Stock is incredibly easy to use for managing inventory, pricing, orders, returns and communications across up to four warehouses and notifies you for stock replenishment.

Have more than four warehouses? No problem! You can add each additional warehouse for a very low fee. (If price is $9 per additional warehouse we will include).

Real-Time Inventory Management

Organising inventory across multiple warehouses should be a breeze, not a nightmare. Spenda Stock lists your inventory numbers and pricing across all locations in real-time. Simply enter a margin or markup value and we’ll calculate the percentages and amounts for you.

Warehousing & Stock Control

While your inventory numbers, details and pricing across all your warehouses changes daily, Spenda Stock doesn’t miss a beat. Any edits or changes to you wish to make to inventory is updated in real time across all warehouses for full business transparency.

This includes tracking materials, adding catalogues, promoting discounts or features, changing stock prices and fulfilment of orders.

POS Integrations

All sales and stock replenishment from your POS is updated instantly across the inventory records in your warehouses. If you conduct a sale through POS, you can arrange for the customer to pick up their product from whatever warehouse is closest to them and notify your staff at that location of their impending arrival.

Secure Cloud Backup

It’s important to keep your expenses, purchase history and bank details across all your different warehouses private. All data is automatically integrated into a secure and encrypted cloud-based storage system and can be linked with Spenda POS accounts.

Reporting & Analytics

Spenda Stock has powerful analytics covering all of your warehouses. All payment and refund transactions are stored digitally, while your order history keeps track of every purchase across all locations and updates in real-time to keep your staff in the loop.


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