Discover our features
See how they can benefit your business

Discover our features
See how they can benefit your business

Point of Sale
Service Management
Inventory Management
Returns Management
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Point of Sale

Simple and Fast

Spenda’s touch screen interface is incredibly easy to use and is built using the latest innovations in user experience which means quick staff uptake, more sales, and short queues.

Flexible and Mobile

Spenda’s robust POS system is built to be tablet-based and, since it’s cloud-based, you can access the system from anywhere with an internet connection.

Collect Unpaid Debt

We think that if you are owed money you should know about it. Spenda POS allows you to take payments on outstanding invoices and automatically integrates into your financials.

Service Management

Book and Schedule Jobs

View all your team member activities in one place, schedule jobs, track job status, set availability and manage your team’s workload.

GPS Tracking & Route Optimisation

Track team member locations in real-time using the GPS tracking feature and use the route optimisation tool to plot the quickest journey.

Customer Management

Keep your customers happy, record their details, set up recurring jobs and access complete service history at your fingertips.


Integrated EFTPOS Payments

Make manual data entry a thing of the past with our fully integrated payment system that connects your POS, EFTPOS terminal and financial systems.

Credit Vault

Efficiently schedule recurring bills and auto-charge customers using a credit vault that securely encrypts and stores credit card details.

Competitive Fees

Looking for value for money? We offer highly competitive transaction fees with the ability to select a pricing structure to suit your business needs.


Purchase Order Builder

Speed up the way you order. With Spenda you can generate one list outlining every product you want to reorder and, once approved, Spenda will fragment the order and send individual purchase orders to your different suppliers.

Assisted Purchasing

Speed up the way you order with our Assisted Purchasing Tool. With one click you can re-order stock to a pre-defined optimal level. Spenda’s ‘approval’ function gives managers greater ability to delegate the creation of purchase orders without the risk of ordering mistakes.

Supplier Catalogues

Creating the ‘new normal’ for procurement, Spenda offers custom online marketplaces showcasing supplier catalogues to make the ordering/sales process easier for both retailers and suppliers.

Inventory Management

Full Visibility

With Spenda keeping track of stock is easy. You can easily see inventory across your whole organisation and get a prompt when it’s time to replenish stock levels.

Smart Price Automation

Spenda’s pricing feature has some pretty sweet coding behind it so you don’t have to calculate a darn thing. Simply enter a Markup/Margin and we’ll calculate the Margin/Markup in both % and $.

Inventory Management at your fingertips

We know that inventory data can get messy, with Spenda you can edit it on-the-go! Spenda allows you to link barcodes to inventory items during a sale and update/add product photos direct from your iPad POS.

Returns Management

Single Transaction Processing

No need to put a customer on hold while you process a return. Just toggle between the sales and refund screen and your total will be auto-calculated.

Real-Time Returns

Inventory levels are automatically updated and corrected when a return is processed. No need to manually adjust stock quantities, with Spenda you’ll always know exactly what stock you have on-hand.

Accurate Returns Reports

Make it easy for your staff to accurately document the reason a return happens with our selection tool. Select one of nine ‘reasons for return’ options or customise the exact issue by selecting ‘other’.

Warehousing and Stock Control

Multiple Locations

Manage up to four locations with Spenda’s Warehousing Management tool. Need more warehouse locations? You can add as many locations as you need for a small monthly fee.

Request and Track

With Spenda you can request stock transfers between warehouses and track the movement of inventory between multiple warehouses.

Mobile Warehouse Management

Set auto-restock levels for mobile warehouses (or service van operations) to ensure stock replenishment is quick, accurate and tracked in your inventory levels.

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Motivate customers to spend, encourage repeat visits and offer a personalised service. Spenda makes it easy to review loyalty points and access purchase and payment history.

Simple Stocktake

Run a complete stocktake using only your iPhone or iPad. With Spenda there is no need to run around with a pen and paper recording levels only to have to enter this information manually at a later date. Our Stocktake feature will let you record data on-the-go anywhere you can carry your phone.

Customer View Mode

Use double screens and allow your customers to watch and interact with the sales process. Customers can also use their screen to sign up for loyalty programs, see the latest promotions or follow your social media channels.

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