Integrate Your Business

Having all your business data in one place can boost your retail sales by 210%. That’s why Spenda integrates this in real-time to have it all at your fingertips.

Think of us as a group hug for your vital business components.

How does this help? We rid your retail business of legacy software, eliminate manual data entry and external processes and save time by giving you a transparent and complete business overview.

We’re also one of the only providers that can currently connect your procurement, warehousing and inventory with your POS and financial system.

Improve Your Productivity

We have weaponised our tools to get you ahead of your retail competitors.

Spenda is equipped with different retailing modules that are specific to how you want to run your retail business.

We don’t believe in making you pay for modules you’ll never use, that’s why we give you the power to choose how you want to improve your business.

Want to customise or combine all the benefits below to be a complete integrated business? We’ve got your back.

Point of Sale

Inventory Management

Warehousing & Stock Control

Purchasing & Procurement

Digital Payments

Customer Management

Service & Reporting

Returns & Refunds

Trading how it should be

Simple but Powerful

Our easy to set up and use POS system is built to get your staff up and running quickly so your business doesn't miss a beat.

Multi-User Settings

Manage employee access and control what your staff can see and edit with distinct user settings.

Digital Purchasing

Order online through supplier catalogues, collaborate with suppliers in real-time and replenish stock with one click.

Business Analytics

Get a better insight into your operations so you can make better business decisions.

Customer Management Tools

View customer history, reward prompt payers and collect unpaid debt while making a sale.

Mobile POS

Say goodbye to legacy POS systems and serve customers at the counter or on-the-go with our mobile iPad POS system.


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