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Benefits and outcomes

A two-day, on-site consultancy service to help identify weaknesses in current business systems and practices. We will perform an analysis to find inefficiencies in your current operations and provide solutions that will help your business improve productivity.

After the consultation, you will have a better understanding of your business and will be armed with a step-by-step roadmap to streamline processes, improve cost-effectiveness and improve your businesses performance. 

After the assessment you will:

Group 9

Understand the workflows that underpin your business.

Group 9

Identify the current pain points in your day-to-day operations.

Group 9

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current business practices.

Group 9

Have recommendations on how to improve your business to gain desired results.

Group 9

Have a roadmap showing how these recommendations can be implemented.



Day 1:

We focus on understanding your current business processes. The morning is spent understanding the company, what your focus is and what you would like to achieve from the consultation. We will identify your businesses core processes through consultation with key staff responsible for different areas of your business operations.


This stage involves reviewing the main processes of each department/team and mapping out the current business workflows.

Day 2:

We focus on digging into the software and system architecture that underpins your business. Current software applications will be reviewed and the strengths and weaknesses assessed and noted. In addition, we will document any manual processes in your business workflows and/or the use of additional, un-integrated applications such as Word or Excel.  



Once the on-site consultation has been completed you will receive the following:


Business review and recommendation documenting our findings

This document will discuss the current workflows in your organisation and recommendations on improvements to your existing software to optimise performance. Alternatively, what software solutions we can recommend to speed up efficiency and improve your business processes that offer minimal disruption and impact on ongoing operations. Our software recommendations are impartial and will include both the Spenda suite of products and other systems that may be beneficial to your business.


Detailed workflow diagrams documenting all business processes

These documents will highlight gaps identified in current processes and proposed workflows to fix these gaps.


Recommended next steps

Once you have reviewed the document, we will provide you with a detailed roadmap outlining the planned implementation of these changes and a cost breakdown of any additional software required. An estimated delivery timeframe and expected roll out dates will also be provided at this stage. 

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