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What is a virtual terminal?

Sherilynn Gomes
24 May - 2 min read

In an ever-changing digital and retail landscape, Australians are fast embracing new digital payment technologies. As retailers adapt to the demand for contactless payment and effortless transactions, scanners and bulky EFTPOS machines are quickly becoming a thing of the past thanks to virtual terminals and new technology. 

So, what is a virtual terminal? And should more businesses make the switch? 

Put simply, a virtual terminal is a web-based payment terminal which enables you to use a device such as a tablet to process payments. It’s quick to set up and easy to use, eliminating the need for costly outlays on traditional retail hardware such as credit card terminals or bulky point of sale (POS) systems. 

How does a virtual terminal work?

Using a portable device means you can quickly process payments anywhere and at any time – which can be especially helpful during high demand periods. 

At Spenda, we offer a powerful and portable POS solution complete with a virtual terminal and an in-built card scanner which removes manual errors and speeds up the sales process. Because a virtual terminal relies on WiFi connection, it delivers the added benefit of knowing that you can always take a payment, even if your EFTPOS machine stops working and cash is not an option. 

Spenda’s virtual terminal payment interface with in-built card scanner

How Spenda’s virtual terminal will benefit your business

Virtual terminals are paving the way in contactless payments, providing businesses with an effective yet low cost means to get paid on time. So, whether you’re a local cafe, mobile vendor, retailer or online business, you can accept payments in-store, over the phone or online with ease.


Contactless payment

Our virtual terminal uses the iPad’s camera to scan the card, helping to speed up the sales process and deliver a smoother payment experience for your customers.


Portable and easy to operate

Designed with an intuitive interface, the iPad based POS system makes it easy to process payments no matter where you are – in-store, at a farmers market or out in the field. 


Reduces queue time

Reduce customer queues during peak shopping times. Thanks to the instantaneous nature of virtual terminals, you can process transactions quickly and easily anywhere in your store or on the go.


Secure payments

Virtual terminals use tokenization and encryption to protect your customer’s data, making them a very secure method of payment.

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Accounting software integration

Make time-consuming tasks like account reconciliation a thing of the past. Every transaction will automatically update in your financial software or ERP management system in real-time, so you can always stay on top of your cash flow.

Contact us and learn more about how our payment solutions can help improve the way your business trades and gets paid. 

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