SpendaPOS & Xero Combining Forces

Jarrad Lawford
6 May - 3 min read

Ben & Jerry’s. Fish & Chips. Tom Hanks and Wilson. Some things were just created to become a great working duo, Spenda and Xero have joined the party.

Given more than 700,000 small Australian businesses rely on Xero as their accounting platform, we made sure our software not only securely integrates all of your financial data across to Xero in seconds, but also connects more aspects of your retail business so you can stay on top of operations.

Our fast and flexible integrations with Xero allows you to combine your in-store and online sales into one unified, streamlined, and transparent system. Meaning you can manage your point-of-sale, inventory, returns, and customer engagements all from your desktop or tablet.

How does this help your business? It’s slick, efficient, easy to use, and error-free. We want the fastest possible purchase experiences for your customers and by enabling digital transactions, we can empower you to remove old-fashioned till machines and improve customer experiences with rapid checkout times.

How does our POS system integrate with Xero?

Spenda Xero integration is delivered via a simple onboarding wizard. The onboarding process enables you to create permissions for Spenda to share data with Xero.

To do this you:

  1. Launch the Spenda onBoarding Wizard.
  2. Grant Spenda access to Xero via Open Auth.
  3. Choose the Spenda modules you would like to use.
    Spenda will automatically synchronise your relevant POS data into Xero.
  4. Spenda will update your data instantly on demand or every 24 hours.

What integrations are included?

All your daily trading activity can quickly transfer across into your Xero account. This data remains securely stored in a cloud-based system and can be accessed by your approved users, whenever they please, for various easy-to-use reporting functions.

Specifically, the data that now quickly transfers from our POS system to your Xero account includes:

  • All Sales.
  • Payments.
  • Products.
  • Customers.
  • Suppliers.
  • Purchases.

Why is this beneficial to your business?

Integrating our POS system with your Xero account provides superior control and visibility into your retail business operations. Our system simplifies your bookkeeping duties and empowers you to make informed decisions to help your business make profits.

Our integration delivers real, fully-formed transactions to Xero, not journal entries. Invoices are rich in detail and written early and often to Xero to keep you in the loop with how your business is travelling.

Our Xero integration also makes tax time a breeze as this streamlines your accounting process and simplifies your reconciliation processes.

Preparing your business data, reports, and financials during taxes shouldn’t have to be a lengthy and tedious experience, especially when you’re using outdated manual sources such as paperwork, spreadsheets, or PDF’s.

Our integration also allows us to update Accounts Receivable in real-time so you can see if your customer has outstanding invoices during the sales process. This payment can then be taken from the customer, resulting in your business receiving owed debts more efficiently, thus improving your cash flow.

In fact, most Australians would rather work on the weekend (65 per cent) or clean their entire house (58 per cent) than face their tedious end-of-financial-year obligations.

Because of our instant integration with Xero, when tax time arrives you’ll be able to produce your perfectly kept records that detail every aspect of your cash flow throughout the year. Our system also reconciles your receivables and helps highlight outstanding bills or potential outstanding invoices you’re owed.

Improve Online Sales Tracking

Need to get your business online? Not only can Spenda quickly help set up your e-Commerce site, but your online sales are also automatically updated and sent to Xero. This means you can conveniently trace all your transactions within your Xero account. Forget managing sales separately, we do it all for you from one unified location.

Want to know more about our integrations both in-store and via e-Commerce?

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