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Our Latest Update Bringing You Faster Payments

28 April - 3 min read

SpendaPOS and SpendaPay are now fully integrated with the Ingenico Move 5000 EFTPOS device to deliver an incredibly fast and secure checkout experience.

This release delivers a swift checkout process for your team and your customers which eliminates errors in data entry.

After connecting the payment device, POS users can tap the card option during a sale or refund and choose ‘Pay’.

Spenda alerts the payment terminal and sends the transaction, ready for the customer to present their card.

After the transaction has completed, Spenda will display the payment status before prompting to print the receipt.

At first glance, these integrations may seem limited to your checkout counter, but our POS integration has many other positive effects across your business.

In this world of social distancing, clearing the checkout quickly and keeping queues down is even more important. By integrating terminal payments your customer service, business transparency, and profitability will improve, while the duration of each sale will decrease keeping your queues short and the till ringing.

So what benefits does our new update bring to your business?

1) Run Your Retail Business At Peak Efficiency.

The last thing your retail business needs is a long wait for your customers. 44% of Australian consumers abandoned a sale in 2019 due to a lack of payment methods online or in-store, that’s more than $13 billion in lost sales. Your shoppers expect fast, efficient buying experiences and will walk out the door if this can’t be maintained.

Enter our integrated POS payments. By integrating your POS and payment processing, you can reduce checkout time and keep the lines moving.

2) Improves Your Customer Service

The last thing any business wants is to keep customers waiting. When your EFTPOS and POS are connected, your checkout times are reduced, queues move quickly and you can process more sales.

3) Save Time & Money

A simple mistake when manually entering payment information into your EFTPOS terminal can lead to unnecessary costs, loss of income and accidental customer overcharging. Not only does our POS system accept more payment options, but it also connects to your EFTPOS terminal in real-time. The purchase amount is quickly transferred directly to your EFTPOS machine removing the chances of human error.

4) Improve Your Reporting & Insights

By integrating your payments and POS technologies, Spenda makes it easier to gain data and insights about your business. Tracking your cash flow and payment methods empowers your business to make better forecasts and informed decisions.

Want to discover more details on our POS? Dive in here

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