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Spenda & WooCommerce. Your duo for online sales.

10 June - 4 min read

For retailers and suppliers looking to expand their reach, e-Commerce is a logical fit. Joining the forces of Spenda and WooCommerce is a sure way to boost your exposure.

If you’re a business that is yet to dive into the digital world and is looking at using the assets of WooCommerce, Spenda can easily integrate all your business data across in real-time to support you from your initial digital sale to full scale.

This powerful combination means one unified platform containing all the e-Commerce benefits you need to grow your online presence.

How Spenda & WooCommerce Helps Your Business

It’s Online Time

By combining the forces of Spenda & WooCommerce, your retail business can maximize sales across all channels by highlighting your products across all store locations and promote these on WooCommerce. The management of your business data within Spenda also updates in real-time to your WooCommerce account so your retail processes keep rolling quickly and efficiently.

24/7 Accessibility

We know it’s a busy lifestyle running a retail business, your customers lead busy lives too. Having your products easily viewable, ready to order and purchase online makes shopping experiences with your brand a lot more appealing. Customers can now browse all of your products 24/7 and have real-time accessibility to stock range and numbers. Spenda also monitors your inventory and updates this data within WooCommerce instantly.

Total Control

Having fast and transparent control of your business operations is crucial to maintaining slick daily processes and an influx of sales. Having your inventory, sales and customer data contained within one system saves countless time, resources and money over chasing down this information via paperwork, spreadsheets or other manual sources.

Inventory Management

It’s easy to lose track of your inventory numbers when managing multiple stores. Spenda and WooCommerce allow retailers to have instant visibility, management and reordering of products all from one place. It’s simple to manage your inventory when you have total visibility and control from one location, so we made this easier by connecting all of your warehouse inventory across all locations to remove the chances of going out of or overstock.

Single-click Syncs

Speed is key to running a fluent business. If you need to edit data across your retail or supplier business, you can quickly access this information in Spenda and these updates sync in instantly to WooCommerce.

Performance Transparency

Need to work out where the money is coming in or being lost? You can instantly track sales or inventory across all your channels and decipher the best margins, prices or offers to include for more profit. Our deeper insights into your business results in more informed decisions and clarity of what’s selling and where.

Increased Customer Base

By going digital with your business, you can now develop a database of shoppers who notice you online. Once they start shopping with you, Spenda can help you identify loyal customers from their purchasing habits.

Their purchase history can be accessed within your point of sale system via your tablet or desktop to help build your knowledge on their revisits to your business, whether in-store or online.

Customer Loyalty

By having fast, secure and easy accessibility to your business both in-store and online, customers will feel comfortable using your products and services for their shopping needs.

More customers now value shopping experience over price and products in 2020. They not only want fast and efficient shopping experiences, they expect it. By combining Spenda with WooCommerce, you’re not only expanding the reach of your business to potential customers, but you’re also improving the transparency and control of your entire operations.

Sell Anywhere, Anytime

By combining Spenda POS with WooCommerce, your opportunity to sell in-store, on the move or online is now open. Your shop window can be exposed to the world and allow greater selling capabilities. From man-in-a-van mobile retailers to large scale wholesalers.

Easy Staff Access

Not only is this combination easy to use, saving you valuable resources and time in training seminars, but you can also provide chosen admin full access to your business data at their fingertips.


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