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Spenda + Capital Transport = Delivery Dream

21 May - 6 min read

Every business struggles with the same thing. Satisfying customers. Giving them what they want, when they want it, and giving it to them in the way they want to be engaged.

Twenty years ago businesses drove the transaction. If a customer wanted to purchase an item, they went to a store, browsed the products available, and paid for the item in the way the business wanted them to pay.

This is no longer the case.

Today it’s the customer who drives the transaction and they expect a lot of flexibility from businesses.

  1. Customers not only need and want the option of home deliveries, they expect it.
  2. They need a quick, seamless service and an autonomous online shopping experience.
  3. They expect frequent updates and the ability to track their products from the moment they hit ‘buy’ to the second it arrives on their doorstep.
  4. And they expect to be able to pay for the items in whatever way is most convenient to them. 44% of Australian consumers abandoned a sale in 2019 due to a lack of payment methods online or in-store. That’s more than $13 billion in lost sales.

Depending on the party logistics (PL) of delivering your products to customers, the expectations remain the same for fast, secure and reliable services. This applies to Second Party Logistics (2PL) businesses who directly deliver their own products, Third Party Logistics (3PL) services with a fleet or courier system, and Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) companies managing deliveries on behalf of 3PL businesses.

“Electronic payments, eCommerce and digital adoption demand have been fast-forwarded by 5-10 years in 8 weeks,” Australian CEO Council, May 2020.

How can businesses satisfy all of these customer demands?

  1. eCommerce
  2. Integrate with a good logistics provider

A 2PL, 3PL, or 4PL integration provider will guarantee home delivery to your customers is secure and fast.

Why it’s needed.

Integrating your business with a logistics provider has never been more important as customers not only need and desire home deliveries from your business, they expect it.

It’s why we joined forces with one of Australia’s best transport and logistics partners in Capital Transport. Their fleet of more than 1,500 vehicles specialises in transporting anything from paperclips to tonnes of steel in less than four hours throughout our metropolitan cities.

What is included?

Spenda quickly and seamlessly connects your online sales with Capital Transport. The process connects these details and completes the order directly to your customer’s door without any input from you.

That’s right. Zero input from you. Meaning you can focus on your business processes while the sales and deliveries keep rolling in.

How does it work?

  1. We set up your digital catalogue, enabling you to manage your stock in real-time.
  2. Once connected we manage your orders and offer full consignment and booking integration.
  3. Every order is then automated and has full track and trace so you and your customer know the status of the order 24/7.
  4. Our system also offers connected payments so your website can accept multiple payment options and each sale is integrated into your financial management software (Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB).

Financially integrated payments.

Spenda can directly integrate with your ERP management system or small business accounting software in seconds. Meaning all of your cash flow data updates instantly at your preferred time, or automatically at the end of workdays.

Need to integrate your current e-Commerce store data into your accounting software? For $2 per day, we can sort this for you automatically.

Not only are we cheaper, but our system can potentially save you around three weeks per year and thousands of dollars if you’re manually transferring your business data from paperwork, spreadsheets and PDF’s.

eCommerce you can set up and forget.

Once Spenda connects your business to Capital Transport your eCommerce store will manage itself. Every time a customer places an order, the sale instantly integrates into Capital Transport’s consignment booking system.

Customers will be able to head to your website, purchase a product, select deliver and it will arrive at their door without any involvement from you. Your stock levels will also be updated in real-time so everything remains accurate.

Manually coordinating consignments waste valuable hours, resources, and money each year.
Not only did we make this automated with Capital Transport, but our booking fees are only 20c per delivery, meaning more money in your pocket and a faster output of your products.

Lower Fees.

Right now, Spenda can set up and manage your logistics delivery system for no subscription or implementation fees, meaning you don’t pay a cent until July 2021 and save thousands of dollars.

Once you’re set up and ready to roll, you’ll save even more with our 1.5% payment charge, currently one of the cheapest in Australia.

Easy setup and integration.

There’s no need to stress about the implementation procedure, we do all the work for you. Need to integrate your current business data across your e-Commerce site? We can have this set up and ready to go quickly and seamlessly with your existing Neto, WooCommerce and Shopify systems.

Australian-based support.

Given Spenda and Capital Transport are Australian owned and operated, our logistics personnel have the passion, experience, and advice for managing your products. There’s no delay in inventory coordination or the support offered, so your business processes can run as smoothly as possible.

Capital Transport has also built its courier and delivery standards over 30 years from focusing on customer service and cater to any business type or size in providing the best delivery experiences and support possible.

Want to know more about how our integrated logistics delivery system can help your business?

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