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How a strong company culture drives strong business performance

Ola Polczynski
24 January - 3 min read

There is no doubt that company culture matters. Culture defines the way in which a business operates, the way tasks are managed, how colleagues interact with each other and with their customers. It defines the way people feel about the work they do and the values they believe in. 

Except, the problem in many businesses is that culture management is often overlooked and comes secondary to other tasks that take priority, which can be detrimental to any business. Company culture is not a one off thing to tick off the to-do list, but it needs constant attention and nurturing. And it’s not something that can simply be defined overnight. It’s a long-term commitment which, if done right, pays off for many years to come. For business owners, creating and nurturing a strong culture helps attract and keep the best talent – which is especially important when you add up the cost of hiring and training new staff.

Bringing together common goals

A strong company culture has the potential to deliver powerful results. Employees are engaged, happy and keen to deliver quality work. Equally, a poor culture produces the opposite outcomes – from poor staff performance, to negative brand image, and brings about low staff retention – all of which can be very costly to any business.

The focus should be around building a workplace where employees feel empowered every single day, where values are shared and goals are understood. It’s about understanding the company’s ‘Why’ or reason for existence and clearly defining how each person contributes to the overall purpose.

A strong culture should enforce transparency and good communication. Employees should feel accepted, valued, and have a sense of belonging, because when employees are in the right environment, they’re more energised and motivated which leads to happy, high performing employees who want to stick around for the long-term.

 The Spenda way

Here at Spenda, we truly value all our employees. We’re a very collaborative bunch and encourage creativity, innovation and idea sharing – which is very important in a tech business like ours. We have open and transparent communication lines between all teams, and with management. And while we promote a high performance culture, we also have a lot of fun in the process.

What’s more, we offer flexible work-from-home hours, bi-weekly workout sessions, monthly company offsites and regular social gatherings.


We are always looking for talented individuals to join the Spenda family. If you want to be a part of the team and come on this exciting journey with us, visit our careers page and get in touch.

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