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Features Update – April 2020

17 April - 5 min read

We’re excited to announce all the following features have been updated within our Spenda App!

The following improvements and inclusions will help you manage your business data, sales, payments, refunds and inventory at a higher efficiency to keep your customers satisfied.

EFTPOS Terminal Integration

Spenda now has an incredibly fast and secure integration with the Ingenico Move 5000 EFTPOS device. This creates a seamless checkout experience for your customers, decreases payment processing times and eliminates errors in data entry via the following steps.

  1. After connecting the payment device, POS users can tap the card option during a sale or refund and choose ‘Pay’.
  2. Spenda alerts the payment terminal and sends the transaction, ready for the customer to present their card.
  3. After the transaction has completed, Spenda will display the payment status before prompting to print the receipt.

Combined Refunds & Sales

Spenda now allows you to create a refund and then apply this easily to a new sale.

  1. After creating your refund, simply tap ‘Apply to New Sale’. This will create a new sale with the refund attached, you can then add the replacement items and complete the checkout process.
  2. The new sale can also be more, less or the same price as the original sale and results in your customer receiving a refund, straight swap or option to pay the difference.

History Refunds

You can also initiate a refund from the customer history section of Spenda.

  1. Simply navigate to the customer history section and select a transaction you would like to create a refund from, then tap the ‘Refund’ button located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. You will be switched to POS in refund mode with the original purchased items pre-filled. You can then tap or scan the items to refund.

Category Management

You can now manage your categories directly from your iPad. This gives you the option to either simply tap the add button and enter the name of your new category or choose a parent category. You can also select a ‘Favourite’ category by selecting it and tapping the star icon. This category will now be loaded by default.

Inventory Brand Management

Inventory brands can now be managed directly on your iPad.
Simply tap the ‘Add’ button on the Inventory Brand picker to instantly create a new category.

Drag & Drop in Sales to Category or Lines

We have also added the ability to tap and hold products in the product browser.
This action will ‘Lift’ the item and allow you to drag and drop the product either to a specific place on a sale. You can also quickly drop and add these items into particular categories.

Add Notes to Sales Order Lines

Notes can now be added on a specific line during a sale.
Simply tap on the item in the sale panel then tap ‘Add Comment’. Any lines which have a note will be highlighted with a clipboard icon.

Other Updates Include;

  • Fixed bugs with successful updates
  • Included Navigation to OnBoarding Wizards
  • Added Inventory Validation for Posting Account
  • Fixed issues with Push Notification
  • Hidden Support User from pickers
  • Developed Custom URL’s

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