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Feature Release: User Management & Two-Step Authentication

27 October - 7 min read


Ensuring the right access for every user.

Managing a team just got a whole lot easier with Spenda’s User Management feature. The User Management tool, now in Spenda, provides you with the flexibility to manage multiple people within the same application.

Assign different levels of access to control what actions users can perform:

  • Standard Users have limited access to POS. They can perform sale and refund transactions but are not able to perform functions like editing inventory, pricing and managing classes. Standard users can create requisitions for restocking the warehouse however they must be approved by an administrator before being sent to a supplier.
  • Administrators have access to most of the platform and can perform tasks like adding new users, editing inventory, pricing, managing classes and approving requisitions.
  • The Primary User is generally the Business Manager and can perform all functions within Spenda. There can only be one Primary User.

Within user settings, you can also assign notification classes. For example, which members of your team need to receive email notifications when the accounting system is disconnected when a customer has made a payment or wants to connect..

The User Management feature makes it easy to keep on top of who has access to what with a simple interface to create new users, assign appropriate roles and maintain existing staff.


Because the safety of your business data is our priority

To improve account security and to keep you in control, we’ve added the option of enabling two-step authentication (2SA) to Spenda.

2SA is a method of confirming a user’s identity using a combination of two different components. In our case, we use your username and password to sign in as the first step and a one-time-valid, six-digit passcode as the second step.

This passcode can be generated using an authenticator app installed on a mobile device like a mobile phone or tablet or by receiving a text message containing a passcode.

Why 2SA?

Protecting your business data is a priority for us, but ensuring new features don’t impact your experience of our software is equally as important. That’s why we’re introducing 2SA as a voluntary feature at this stage and we will also be helping current users transition to 2SA through a supported one-on-one process. In the future, 2SA will be enforced for all our users to help keep your data secure.

How does it work?

When logging into any of our systems you will be prompted with a message to secure your account with 2SA. You will be asked what method you would like to use for 2SA, an authenticator app or text.

  • If you have selected “Text me a code”, you will be prompted to enter a mobile number. Please note that this mobile number will be required in all future logins, so make sure it’s one you have frequent access to. Once you have entered your mobile number you will receive a text message with a 6 digit code. All you have to do is enter the code provided into the specified field and you’re in!
  • If you are using an authenticator app you will be prompted with a new screen asking you to scan a QR code. This can be done using an App on your mobile device. If you need help selecting an authenticator app click on the “Need an Authenticator App” button for assistance. Once you have scanned the QR code within your authenticator app, just type in the code and you’ll be logged into Spenda as normal.

If you decide you want to skip 2SA for now you can select “Set-up later” and continue accessing Spenda as usual. If you select this option, 2SA will not pop up when you open our applications and you will need to go into the settings menu to reactivate the option.

Wasn’t my data safe before?

It absolutely was. We frequently outsource independent security audits of the core Spenda system, app and web applications to ensure top-level data storage protection, data code and API access. 2SA is just the next step in improving security. Someone unauthorised accessing your account with your username and password is similar to stealing a car, it’s easy if you can get your hands on the keys. 2SA is like locking your car keys in a safe.

If you have any questions about 2SA or need help setting it up for the first time, our support team can be contacted through the Spenda App or on 1300 682 521.

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