Business might be down, but community spirit is soaring

Jarrad Lawford
17 April - 3 min read

We may be socially isolating ourselves from one another, but the community spirit is alive and well.

There’s no denying that Covid-19 has had a profound effect on Australian retailers, suppliers, and consumers. Times are tough and people are scared, so we’ve put together a post to help lift your spirits by showing you how the Australian community is coming together in support of one another.

Many families have embraced the Teddy Trail and Rainbow Paths by placing teddies in windows or rainbows on doors to lift the spirit of passers-by and to help parents entertain their kids.

Our local retailers are also making an effort to put a smile on our faces. Some cafes have increased their digital presence enormously to maintain communication with their customers and change how they market their products.

A great example is Cafe Mojo located in Mundaring, Western Australia. Just like many Australian cafes, the sudden social restrictions and reduction on foot traffic into their store made it difficult to maintain a steady revenue however, the team has turned the situation around by showing strong community engagement and taking advantage of digital marketing.

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, the team at Cafe Mojo started a home-cooked style menu system that only used locally-grown fresh produce to benefit their community. To bring a few smiles, they even included birthday cakes delivered locally by staff dressed as fairies to boost the morale of their regular customers.

Posting on their social media channels daily, Cafe Mojo is gathering huge momentum for getting behind their community by showing they are willing to go above and beyond to satisfy customers. They might be limited to a takeaway model, but they have worked smart and hard to keep profits rolling.

On their social media channels, they frequently post polls asking the community for advice on new menu ideas and what they would like available for digital ordering. Not only does it make customers feel special and ‘heard’, but they are also using the feedback to make improvements to their menu.

These smart digital strategies have allowed the business to adapt to current trading restrictions. Their tactics have been so successful that other cafes have started using similar ideas within their own business.

Cafe Mojo is a great example of innovation and inspires hope that staying positive and finding intuitive ways to keep your business moving is working for retailers around the country.

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