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19 Aug '20

How small businesses can sell online and reduce e-commerce merchant fees

While the effects of COVID-19 has seen many small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) fall into unprecedented times, e-commerce has been a welcomed safety net for many.


11 Aug '20

Ways to manage and improve small business cash flow

There’s a reason why cash flow contains the word ‘flow.’ The way it travels in and out of your business is the very thing that keeps it thriving.


29 Jul '20

How your business can reduce credit card processing fees

No business owner or employee enjoys telling customers their preferred payment method is not accepted in store. Or even worse, that a surcharge will be added.


22 Jul '20

The costs behind late payments for small Aussie businesses

It’s estimated that 82% of retailers close down due to poor cash flow.


18 Jul '20

Should your business embrace contactless payments?

How many times did you or your customers pay for a product with cash in the last six months?


7 Jul '20

Pen > Sword. Digitisation > Pen. The Modern Way Of Running A Business.

When it comes to being a business owner, you’re either old school and run it with pen, paper and logbooks, or you have switched to digital technologies where your business data is automated and looking back at you from behind a screen.


9 Jun '20

How eInvoicing is set to take off in Australia

We’ve already invented 3D printing, spray-on skin and self-driving cars, so you would expect we can seamlessly send and pay off invoices without errors in an instant, right?


5 Jun '20

Understanding Merchant Fees

Merchant Fees. They’re as annoying as they are confusing. Many business owners don’t know enough about how they work or what they are paying for, let alone the breakdown of costs behind each transaction.


28 May '20

Five simple tips to boost customer loyalty

Developing a loyal customer base of repeat shoppers gives your business resilience to weather economic cycles and periods of uncertainty.


12 May '20

Tips On Reopening After COVID-19

Thankfully here in Australia, we’re handling the COVID-19 pandemic incredibly well and there is now a visible sign of the light at the end of the restriction tunnel, with a planned restoration of all businesses opening by July.


29 Apr '20

7 tips to save your business money

There are two ways to build a profitable business, increase sales or decrease costs.


28 Apr '20

Our Latest Update Bringing You Faster Payments

SpendaPOS and SpendaPay are now fully integrated with the Ingenico Move 5000 EFTPOS device to deliver an incredibly fast and secure checkout experience.