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30 Oct '23

How to drive growth across your franchise network

Your franchise network likely has strong systems and processes to ensure that your franchisees have everything they need to succeed. But if you’ve had these systems in place for a number of years, particularly if they are manual or disjointed, it could be hampering growth across the network.

Franchise Executives

24 Oct '23

Making money move: The impact of FinTechs, innovation, and digital technology in B2B payments

The ability to digitise and automate business systems and processes has driven the transformation of B2B payments in recent years. From being able to process card-not-present transactions to integrations that make payments and the associated accounting and administration processes seamless, innovation is catching up to B2C channels. Worryingly, however, adoption lags.

Australian Fintech

28 Sep '23

Is your business using integrated payments? Adopt now or get left behind

The rise of digitisation in recent years has helped businesses transform the way they work. Whether a company has used automation to make account reconciliation and reporting easier or found ways to optimise other processes, using technology that integrates across a business is what drives truly powerful transformation. 

Inside FMCG

10 Jul '23

Spenda: Driving more effective business outcomes

Business efficiency is a critical aspect of achieving success in today’s competitive landscape. Investing in technologies that promote business efficiency allows companies to operate smarter, make more informed decisions, and better adapt to changing market demands.

Ola Crouch

4 Jul '23

Spenda – helping businesses work smarter and get paid faster

Today, B2B trade faces a significant obstacle as many businesses continue to rely on disparate and unconnected software systems to handle different aspects of their operations.

Fintech Australia

22 Jun '23

Streamlining for success: How Carpet Court embraced digital transformation​

As the leading retail floor covering specialist across Australia, Carpet Court was looking to continue their digital transformation journey to future-proof the business against economic challenges.


28 Mar '23

Key takeaways from the 2023 Accounting Business Expo

Physical trade shows are well and truly back! After a long two-year hiatus, we attended our first event since the pandemic, the Accounting Business Expo in Melbourne.


20 Dec '22

Spenda 2022: A year in review

As another year comes to an end, we want to reflect on the past 12 months to highlight some of the great achievements our team has delivered. From a rebrand to the launch of a suite of game changing software solutions, we’re taking you with us on a trip down memory lane.

Ola Polczynski

4 Jul '22

Spenda announces company rebrand

Today, Spenda, a B2B payment and lending solutions provider, has announced a full company rebrand that represents and aligns the continued evolution and growth of the business.


20 Dec '21

Spenda: Looking back on 2021

With COVID-19 continuing to impact our personal and professional lives, for businesses, 2021 was another opportunistic year which meant that in order to stay ahead of the curve, businesses needed to remain agile and adapt quickly to changing consumer behaviours and payment trends.

Ola Polczynski

28 Oct '21

The future of business finance: How to fund your business growth with on-demand lending solutions

Strong cash flow is critical for any business. Without it, businesses will have difficulty meeting their regular expenses, let alone have the capital to make larger investments in growth.

Adrian Floate

4 Aug '21

Future-proof your business with digital tools and integrated payments

With measures such as the Federal
Government’s JobKeeper Payment
Scheme ending on 28 March 2021,
a slight cooling in the country’s
economy wouldn’t have been a
surprise. However, that hasn’t been
the case.

Adrian Floate